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    Warm Bodies
    I am going to start off saying I absolutely hate most rom-coms (there are a few exceptions of them that are actually good), and not because it doesn't fit my taste but the fact that the majority of them are terrible movies meant for having eye candy cast and be background noise while teenage couples make out in the back of the theater. This however is one of those exceptions where, although you could classify it as a rom-com, it actually has some heart, it actually made me laugh, and it was original, unique, and kept my interested. I am actually going to go as far as to say it was almost poetic in the way it was done, and it was actually fairly heartwarming leaving a little bit happy on the inside after watching it.

    On a technical note, the acting was very solid, as was the directing, writing, etc. Now none of it was unbelievably great (well I could say the make-up was fairly exceptional on how they did it) or anything other than solid, but solid all around this early in the movie season is actually a really nice treat considering that if you exclude Oscar movies from 2012 in theaters there is nothing that has come out (similar to last year in January) that has been anything above slightly passable (and that is only for Mama and a disappointing Gangster Squad considering the cast). So for me this mirrors Chronicle from last year in my opinion, it was a solid surprise and the first good 2013 movie to come out, now it is not like Chronicle at all in terms of tone, story, etc. however I make the comparison simply because they were both nice surprises early in the year when most of the movies that come out are complete garbage.

    So I will give a solid 7.5/10 for Warm Bodies

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    Cloud Atlas, 7/10...it was ok. Got a bit distracted at times early on trying to place the actors in different times as a couple are wearing a lot of makeup. Fucking long but visually awesome though as would be expected from the Wachowski's.
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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 9/10 WOW Just woow.

    P.S. I know I am a little late to the party.

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    Wreck it Ralph. 7/10

    It was pretty good, but not nearly as good as people make it out to be.

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    The Hobbit: Unbelievably good film. Only reason its a 9 is because some parts dragged a -tiny- bit on. 9/10

    Wreck-It-Ralph: Has shot up in my top favorite films ever. Ridiculously good film, fun, exhilarating and a complete joy to watch. An easy 10/10

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    Les Mis, probably? Fantastic. Fantastic fantastic fantastic. As a huge lover of the book, I was very impressed. 42601/10.
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    Friday - Wreck it Ralph - 9/10
    Saturday - Resident Evil: Retribution 3/10

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    The Big Lebowski - 10/10

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    in the last 3 days i have watched 3 films which i have had as DvD's but never got round to watching. they are l4yer cake, the usual suspects and reservoir dogs.

    yeah, its been a good 3 days....

    i give them 9/9/8 out of 10 respectively. the next 2 days will be donnie brasco and true romance

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    Attempted to watch the Mass effect movie and The watch
    made it about 5 minutes into both without the urge to spoon my eyeballs out
    I wouldnt recommend either
    wait... mass effect movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viggers View Post
    wait... mass effect movie?
    Perhaps he means the 6 web short halo episodes (combined they are roughly the length of a short movie)? IDK. From what I can see the only mass effect film in development is far from completion. But I didn't think Forward Unto Dawn (Halo) was that bad. I would have preferred a bit more focus on Master Chief or whatever, but it was alright.

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    Robot and Frank 7/10
    Decent movie have some funny bits but a lot of depressing/sad parts aswell.

    Looper 6/10
    It was ok i suppose but the whole thing with the kid in the end just made me want to punch the kid in the face.

    Life of Pi 9/10
    Good movie expected a lot less from it but was quite suprised by it.

    Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 9/10
    Just awesome to see the old batman beat people up in this animation style.
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    Red: 7/10. It was entertaining, but some parts just put me off rather harshly.

    Django Unchained: 8/10. One of those films you either love or hate. I liked it, even though there were some parts that I really did not like. Worth it though. Some twists and turns as well, where some of them being rather obvious before it even happened.

    Wreck it Ralph: I really did not like this! I don't know why, but to me it was rather ... bad! Again, there's a lot I liked about it, but the flaws was to obvious and annoying for me. 5/10

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    Lincoln 9/10

    Daniel Day-Lewis, the greatest actor of his generation? If there ever was any doubt it's no more.

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    Les Miserables 10/10

    Django was a disappointment... only about 8/10.

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    Searching for Sugarman 10/10, awesome documentary about Rodriguez - the could have been biggest music artist in history. Incredible story that just makes me sad to know what we could be listening to today. Highly recommend this to anyone who likes classic rock music or anyone who just likes a good documentary.

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    Easy A 9/10 more of a teenager movie I think but Emma Stone really does her job well and also that bloody pocketful of sunshine song is so catchy

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    Django Unchained - 8/10.

    They overused the term "n*gger" though. Apparently, over 110 times within the film. (If this is still too explicit, please feel free to edit it! I'm merely quoting the word and not using it abusively)

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    Just watched Despicable Me and that movie is just incredible.

    Perfect Illusion

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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    The writing was decent, and the character design was certainly memorable (LOVING the Goblin King). The casting was beautiful and I can't tell you how hard I was crushing on Martin Freeman.

    That said. The sets. Dear gods the sets were awful to look at. The troll cave scene looked like something I'd expect from a 1980's "action" film. The mountains were quite bland and boring. Moria? Who cared, really? Pseudo mono-chromatic scenes can work, I mean remember Helm's Deep? Mount Doom? The studio that gave us Middle Earth and all its eye catching wonder, both in beauty and in some places horror, this felt extremely lacking in that all over.

    If I'm watching a movie, I want to be able to get lost in it, especially in a world I want to invest in, like Middle Earth. "An Unexpected Journey" didn't do that for me, not in the least.
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    Django Unchained 9/10 I liked it.
    Silver Linings Playbook 8/10 was also good.
    I hate it whenever I see a really good movie because then right after I wanna watch another just as good lol. Good movies are a curse!

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