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    It would be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. I'll give it 7/10.

    It's definatly a good movie. It still suffers from the acting issues that the whole series has been plagued with. It also has a large lul in the middle which is consistant with the book but make's the film drag an extra 10mins it doesnt need to.

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    It's not really that the movie was poorly made, it just lacked either A) A deep plot, or B) Explosions. I can't say I entirely wanted to see the movie, but I saw it anyway. The plot "twist" in the end really kinda sucked because it was exactly what you thought would happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izssy View Post
    Battle Royale

    It´s about a japanese class that gets kidnapped by the japanese goverment and then put on an island where they are to kill each other. Only one can leave.
    I LOVE this movie. BTW you may realize the teacher at the end looks familiar if you ever watched Most Extreme Challenge

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    repo men :7.5/10
    red:8/10 teddy kgb rules (ofc talking about john malkovich )

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    Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1.

    Give it a 5/10.

    But just because I always compare them to the books, and the books are always ruined by the films which are created around them. For me though, that's the case with everything. In this they changed a lot of the minor details, which I always OCD about, and the acting is appalling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaci View Post
    I LOVE this movie. BTW you may realize the teacher at the end looks familiar if you ever watched Most Extreme Challenge
    never thought about it.

    Just watched Battle Royale 2
    About the same story but they are now a police force that are goingto kill terrorists

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    It's an old movie but the last one I've seen.

    Future Cops (Street Fighter 2043)
    9/10 (i just love that Kind of Movie)

    Its a 1993 Hong Kong Movie adaption of Street Fighter 2 just without license. Its dumb its plot is way out of place but because of that its a hillarious movie (You also dont watch Godzilla (japanese Version) for the thick Plot) and just what i love to watch.

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    The Town

    Great movie about bank robbers. Acting was very good so was the plot.

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    Tetsuo: The Iron Man
    Probably one of the best films I have seen for a long time, it is utter chaos, Shinya Tsukamoto has created a strange world of metal fetishists and human decay. To make the film more insane, its filmed at the pace of a adernaline rush after taking speed, an office worker (the protagonist) slowly transforms into a mutated metal creature after cutting himself shaving, wires, drills, cables and all types of metal objects errupt from his face and body...the protagonist faces off with a villain who has a metal fetish, the villain himself enjoys to stick metal objects in himself (bringing up the bizzare world of body modification). The film turns into a battle to the finish between the two men...

    Believe me you'll never watch anything like Tetsuo, if you are a David Lynch fan, i'd suggest you watch it, I though Eraserhead was strange...

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    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - 9.7/10

    You know, if they didn't completely toss aside the whole "made to look like a suicide" aspect, didn't make the sequences with the ex-druggie and D&D nerd look completely rushed and anti-climatic, this would have been a perfect horror movie title along with Puppetmaster and Phenomena, but this is undoubtedly one of the best films of the entire saga and earns a rightful place among my top favorite horror films of all time. I'll post a more detailed, possibly heavily scatterbrained review of this movie elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaci View Post
    I LOVE this movie. BTW you may realize the teacher at the end looks familiar if you ever watched Most Extreme Challenge
    I watched Battle Royale based on this thread and I give it a 8/10. Sure, the story was kinda sophorific, but the visuals, campiness, and the development of some of the characters was really good. The teacher in the movie was also in Jhonny Mnemonic (7/10) as Takahashi.

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    The Women - 10/10
    Amazing movie, I highly recommend it to everyone, I wish I knew about it when it first came out in theaters.

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    Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Meh a 7/10? Before that it was Scott Pilgrim 19/10 =]
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    I agree with the Expendibles being a good movie. Sure the story wasn't great ... "There's a um.. bad guy dictator and um... we have to kill him..."
    But that isn't the point. The point is in jokes from older movies, explosions, fantastic fight scenes, over the top combat. It delivered =]

    As for the thread:
    Letters from Iwo Jima. 9/10
    Great story, tragic, good acting, I'm a WW2 nut, pretty accurate, great design, action scenes well directed with great dialogue. That's all there really is to say. It has action, good actors, a nice story, and is poignant.
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    Inception (10/10)

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    Gotta be Harry potter, I'll give it a 7/10

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    The Book of Eli


    -2 - a blind man dodging bullets and cutting people's wrists off? come on. Also Mila Kunis is insanely hot(GO UKRAINE!) and Denzel Washington... well, he IS who he is!

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    Alien vs predator requiem.
    Decent movie for expanding the kind of alien and predator storyline and lore, but as a standalone movie if you hadn't seen the other predator/alien films it just looks like a gratuitous monster killing fest. There isn't the same tension as in the original alien/predator films, nor do you connect with the characters as much as in some of the films. AvP was even more revealing character wise.

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    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    Awesome movie, liked the whole game theme of the movie. Worth watching again.

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    Being There
    Seriously great movie, it was Peter Sellers' (Inspector Clouseau from the original Pink Panther) last film I believe. Peter Sellers plays a man-child gardener who has never left the house at which he works since he was a child and has only experienced human interaction through watching TV. When the owner of the house dies he is forced out, and the world misinterprets his actions for those of some sort of genius. Great movie, a few laughs and some great social commentary, really shows Peter Sellers' dramatic acting skills. Unfortunately it wasn't taken as seriously as Peter Sellers hoped because of his past as a dead-pan comedic actor, check it out though.

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