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    Quick question: Which movie would you guys recommend I buy on DVD first when they're released -- Wreck-It Ralph or The Hobbit?
    definitely ralph
    i alredy forget what was in hoobit so it didnt impress me that much
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    Wreck-It Ralph 7/10
    Django Unchained 8/10
    Skyfall 7/10

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    definitely ralph
    i alredy forget what was in hoobit so it didnt impress me that much
    I'm not sure exactly what you said.
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    Dark Skies: 7/10

    Some jarring visuals and well-crafted build up, but overall the premise is nothing we haven't seen countless times before. Probably the best effort from director Scott Stewart yet, though.

    I reviewed the film in more detail here.

    Quick question: Which movie would you guys recommend I buy on DVD first when they're released -- Wreck-It Ralph or The Hobbit?
    Depends how much you like LOTR and how much you like animated movies.

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    The most recent movie I saw was Demolition Man (on Cable). I love this movie, but it was on cable... so 5/10. It loses a lot of flavor when edited. When it comes to me via netflix or something non cable related... it's an 8/10.

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    The Hunger Games... 5/10

    If I were 20 years younger, I might have given it 8+ : )


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    Safety Not Guaranteed - 7.5/10

    Decent little film starring Aubrey Plaza who I think is great, it's nothing special but it's entertaining and a little different to your normal comedy/romance movies. Well worth watching if you want a couple of hours of entertainment.

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    Starship Troopers - 8/10

    An excellent movie! Probably some nostalgia raised the rating from my side

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    Saw 7 8.5/10

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    Wreck It Ralph - 10/10.

    It's like a video game nerd's wet dream...!

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    Skyfall 9/10 I think it is the best out of the new bond series followed by Casino Royal.

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    was alright

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    Haha. I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed the movie so, soooo much! I wasn't expecting a lot in the movie, like the nudity but my god, it was awesome. The story line wasn't all bad either tbh and I liked Nomi a lot and what she did to that bastard singer, served him good for what he did. Fucker.

    Anyway, good movie, really. I liked the backstage a lot in the movie and I liked how the story developed and how she kept climbing high and high.

    I'd rate this with an easy 10/10.

    And oh, dances were amazing and the music; simply spectacular.
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    Phoebe in Wonderland 8/10

    Had never heard of this movie, but the Netflix blurb "When trouble-prone young Phoebe is cast in a production of 'Alice in Wonderland', she begins to receive advice from the play's wild characters" interested me. Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning's little sister) is quite a talented actress too, portraying a kid who doesn't quite know why she's doing the things she's doing.

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    Warm Bodies 8/10

    I personally have high hopes for anything with zombies in it, however the idea of zombies going human was fun for me. Not to mention I'm a sucker for love stories. Could have done with more killing, but given what the movie is based on and the whole idea of it, I get it. Given that: I HATE what it's based on. Only because I didnt get it until one scene and then me and my friends could not shut up about it and we started peeling apart the entire movie. Still a good movie to go see if you havent!

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    Snatch 10/10 Best movie ever made
    Django unchained 9/10 a lot of the N word is used
    The dark knight rises 8/10 ony cause of bane

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    Shutter Island - 9/10

    Story had me glued to the screen and I loved the ending, plus I'm a big fan of Leo and Ben Kingsley so a little biased there. I actually went back through and watched it again right after finishing it, was great to pick out the little hints you get along the way.

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    Argo 8/10
    I really liked it. For me, it was entertaining the whole way through. I might be a little biased though, I read about the historical inaccuracies before watching. It probably deserves a bit better of a grade.

    Mortal Kombat 6.5/10
    One of my friends decided to bring it over tonight as part of our movie night. When I was a kid I thought it was pretty good, not great, but good. Pretty much my opinion today. It still entertained me, and hell, it's Mortal Kombat.

    Black Hawk Down 9/10
    I watched it again a couple of days ago, but I just had to mention it. Definitely one of my favorite war films.

    Sorry, but a fourth >_<
    Salt 2/10
    This was one of last week's movies. Good God. I hate people who talk during movies, but I literally couldn't stop telling everyone how ridiculous the plot was while we were watching. 2/10 because the action itself wasn't bad.
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    Hansel And Gretel (or however you spell that).

    Well I didn't expect much really, and it didn't bring much either. Plot you can see coming from miles. Typical action, typical humor, just average acting. Praise the lord the main actress is hot as hell, so that kinda makes it good to watch.

    Wouldn't recommend it or buy it.


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    Shallow Hal - 6/10

    The overall score is 6/10, but Jack Black gets a solid 10,5/10, because he's the best being in the universe.

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    Another shark movie, which wasn't really scary at all. There were way too many survivors at the end, and they had trouble killing off girls.

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    Movies : Mama - 8.5 / 10 Brilliant unique scary movie that also had a good level of empathy in it as well, The ending, A tad odd.
    Home : Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy - 10 / 10 Absolutely brilliant, I can't praise it enough.
    Also home : Pulp Fiction : 11 / 10 - Movie perfection

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