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    last one i seen in the theater was Iron Man 3.

    i would have to give it a 8/10. slighty behind the first iron man and slighty ahead of iron man 2. i understand actors' desire to play other roles but it will be sad if robert downey jr. doesnt play iron man in the avengers 2. i think i read some speculation that he, and chris hemsworth, were having issues negotiating their contracts.

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    rurouni kenshin live action movie. Easily a 10/10. Excellent acting, nice plot arrangement, and a setup that felt true to the setting. Recommend it for anyone who likes samurai-type moves.

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    the last stand - 6.5/10

    hansel and gretel: witch hunters - 7/10
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    Star Trek: Into Darkness 7/10

    Too many movie liberties is something that really stuck out in this film.
    Also there weren't real character arcs.

    Still fun though. I just wish JJ Abrams would pay more attention to his world and consistency thereof.

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    Star Trek, Into Darkness 8.5/10.

    A good contender for movie of the year, but the year is young and there's still a number of potential movies I have yet to see.

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    I want to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness, Benedict Cumberbatch is so great! But for some reason, it hasn't arrived in Denmark as of yet.
    And it'll be worth it because he's great in the movie too.
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    Jack The Giant Slayer 9/10

    I was quite shocked it was that good. I went a second time to see it again - when it was re-released at a cheap theater nearby.

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    Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father documentary. Love me a good doc, 9/10 incredible story. The sort of twist at the end was jaw dropping for me at least. Highly recommend this if you like a good documentary.

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    The Innkeepers - 6/10.
    Side Effects - 6/10
    The Great Gatsby - 7/10
    Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel - 7/10
    Fermat's Room - 6/10
    The Two Escobars - 9/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    The Expendables: 1/10

    Embarassingly terrible piece of crap movie. The only thing of slight value in watching it, was constantly making fun of Sylvester Stallone's horrible plastic surgery. Even the action, which is the one thing this movie was supposed to have, was totally weak. Complete waste of time.
    Yeah I was thinking it might be some stupid fun but it was just the first thing.

    God, it was so boring, I just couldn't care about the characters or what was going on because they had none and it didn't matter, and the action was utterly tedious. Is it so hard to make a movie with a campy gimmicky premise (eg, put every single action hero ever in one movie) fun to watch?

    Actually the only part I remotely enjoyed was Dolph Lungren playing a bad guy (but then the plot sidelines him for the rest of the movie and at the end all is forgiven for some reason - presumably so he can be in the sequels), he at least seemed to be enjoying himself.

    P.S. Did Charisma Carpenter always have a rack like that?
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    Argo - 7,5/10. It was pretty good, lots of tension without unnecessary action and explosions. But the part where the bad guys piece together the shredded paper to find the identities is simply too farfetched. It would take a small group of people maybe 10 years to do that, and just putting more people on the same job won't speed that up as you're only in eachother's way

    Other than that and a few other minor things, the movie was quite believable.

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    Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'd say 8.5/10. Very good movie, I'd say I liked the first one a little bit better but this one was definitely consistent for my tastes (also not much of a Star Trek geek).

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    Dredd. Great movie. I'd score either 8 or 9 out of 10. Very clever and simplistic at the same time. Funny moments, lots of action. If I could give one complaint I'd say it wasn't violent enough. Gotta give credit to Karl urban for never taking off his helmet.
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    Couple of movies I watched today.

    Phenomenon : Great movie, Definitely showing that Travolta can act when he put his mind to it. 8/10

    Hansel and Gretal - Witch Hunters : Turn your brain off, adult version of the story, Not for the children due to language, dismemberments and head popping. 7/10

    A Good day to Die Hard. Honestly I think its time that they let the franchise die on this. Not been the same since Die Hard 2. 4/10
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    Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    Quirky funny parts were definitely enjoyable, as well as the cameo and how that played out, unexpected. Two complaints I have though, just two. One, Chris Pine not only peeking, but downright staring at Alice Eve was both gratuitous and creepy. Seriously unnecessary but oh hey let's show a blonde in her panties just because nerds need to see something right? It's distasteful, not just to women, but to men too that you "need" this sort of thing to actually enjoy a movie. Come on, do better than that.

    The other was actually Benedict Cumberbatch's character itself. I loved him as an actor playing it, beautiful and very well played, top notch. I just think putting a character derived from eugenics as a big white guy is poor, I mean, why didn't you bleach Benedict's hair blonde at this point for a stronger effect? Especially when the original went out of its way to make sure that Khan was NOT white. Yes, he's a solid actor, and yes he played it marvelously. But I just think removing a step of what made Star Trek so diverse and awesome in its varied history and whitewashing it away isn't really all that awesome.

    Overall enjoyed the "ride" for what it was. A little more Michael Bay action'y than it probably needed to be, and for mindless entertainment it works to grab in more people that way I guess. But these two points kinda made it =/ for me.

    Being generous? 7.2/10
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    Watched a couple of decent ones recently.

    Star Trek. Into Darkness. Really liked it. Acting, special effects did the film proud however i am still not sure about the story aspect of it. i really liked the characters and humour but really want to see a film with the borg in it, asking to much i quess.7/10 watched at cinema.

    Life of Pi. Really like it,great story, colourful and beautiful. 8/10 watched on dvd.

    Django unchained, decent with some great action and comedy moments buts its the sound track that blew me away. film7/10---soundtrack 10/10 watched on dvd

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    Cool World--one of those films I bet Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger wish they never did. The initial premise, where the film was supposed to be a horror film, sounded much cooler than what this film turned out to be. Too bad for the film...the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes gave the film one of the lowest ratings I've ever seen (3%).

    Essentially the film is about a cartoonist who enters his own cartoon world and has sex with his own creation, a Jessica Rabbit-like seductress who spends most of the film trying to get laid by any "real" man she comes into contact with. Having sex with the cartoonist turns her into a real person, which somehow f*cks up the interdimensional portal between worlds. Brad Pitt plays a cop who has his own relationship with a cartoon, but apparently he doesn't let his desire for his cartoon girlfriend get in the way of maintaining the order between the two worlds...that gets screwed up when the cartoonist comes along.

    Surreal, would be redemptive if there was a story behind it or some sort of deeper meaning; however all this film manages to do is come off as an odd fetish flick for guys who have a thing for cartoon characters.

    3/10 (1 pt for creepiness, 2 pts for technical innovation....considering the age of the film)

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    Just saw Oz the Great and Powerful. Never seen The Wizard of Oz. 6/10

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    The Last Exorcism Part II-9/10
    The movie was what horror should be-creepy,dark,and genuinely distrubing. This movie has all that with the girl from the first movie in conflict with the demon that posessed her...with a crazy ending that i wont give spoilers to.

    Lords of Salem-9/10
    This movie is quite disturbing, definitely not for the faint of heart (or the especially religious). This is one of those movies where when it ends you end up thinking "wtf did I just watch?"

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    The Brothers Grimm - 6/10.
    Was an OK movie, but some of the acting was pretty sub-par and the script itself was a bit of a mess. The "twist" seems like something they wanted to throw in there halfway through filming of the movie and then barely had any consequence on the rest of the movie.

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    Watched a movie every night this weekend, progressively getting slightly better each night :P

    Warm Bodies - 7/10
    Django Unchained - 8/10
    Oldboy (the 2003 version) - 9/10 and maaan that movie is disturbing.

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