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    Red Dawn - 7/10 (good)

    Started out as an over-the-top, corny action flick, and then by the halfway mark it has become a surprisingly solemn, serious story.
    Original or remake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pvt Hudson View Post
    Original or remake?
    Original 1984 film

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    The Lighthouse is not in 4:3 and if projected on the wrong setup the 1.19:1 ratio is chopped off. There was no intent for The Lighthouse to be shown 'Academy' ratio either.
    I got the numbers wrong probably, sorry about that.

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    I watched the Shining this sunday for the first time! I feel like it was an amazing horror movie for it's time and Nicholson was so good! 8/10 for me ^^

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    Brightburn- 8/10

    It just worked, what if Superman came to earth and was actually like Humans and ended up being Evil.

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    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Was surprised by how much I didn't hate this movie especially when compared to Genisys. Mackenzie Davis turned my opinion around as to whether or not she was the right fit and would even say she stood out the most especially when compared to Arnold and Linda Hamilton. The Rev 9 was an interesting advancement too but I just hate the name. Sounds like he was made off a Mattel assembly line.

    What's interesting and infuriating about the Terminator franchise is that it's designed to be ambiguous and open. As Reese said to Sarah in The Terminator "one possible future from your point of view" so every action performed in the present day has a reaction in the future so it makes sense that Skynet no longer exists, judgment day as we knew it didn't happen and life went on. It's a little flaky that Skynet just kept sending T-800s back in time and one eventually killed John even though Skynet of the future no longer existed. Terminator time travel is mired in weird paradoxes at the best of times.

    It's also not a stretch to assume the T-800 would be capable of learning from his past either. In Terminator 2, John asks him if he can learn stuff that he hasn't been programmed with to be more human to which the T-800 replied that he has a learning computer and the more contact he has with humans the more he learns so with his goal achieved with no way back it's entirely possible that, over the years, he developed his own interpretation of a conscience for what had happened. There's something there to explore but the delivery of it was more comical than philosophical which is why it's easily the more laughable plot of the movie.

    My biggest problem is that they didn't use this opportunity to explore and advance the Terminator franchise. They gave themselves an opening by sneaking it in right after T2 and all they did was put The Termintor and parts of Judgment Day in to a cinematic blender and cranked out something we've already seen in the past. It's really, really strange how in both universes the exact same thing happens! Legion and Skynet, judgment day, cybernetic organisms with human chassis, teleportation and messiah stories.

    How this movie needed five story writers and three screen writers is really beyond me although I think I know the answer.

    In the end, I think this is it. If they were hoping to spawn a new series of Terminator movies then they have a huge uphill battle when talking budget and whatever the advertising costs are to cover. I can at least give points to Salvation for trying something new in the series whereas this just feels "okay" as its own movie but very weak when compared to the material it's clearly being inspired by which makes it all the worse knowing James Cameron was on board. Again.

    As a sci-fi action movie - 5/10
    As a Terminator movie - We just cry. You know, when it hurts.
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    Burnt: 6/10 An OK movie with some decent performances and gorgeous food.

    Mr. Go: 6/10 It... it's a movie about a gorilla playing baseball.

    Mutafukaz: 8/10 I liked the animation style, the weird story, and solid voice acting.

    My Hero Academia: Two Heroes: 7/10 Not bad! Hmm, but maybe I should watch the anime or read the manga now, because... what?!

    Terminator: Dark Fate: 7/10 There was some bullshit here and there, but it was marginally better than Rise of the Machines and Salvation, while managing not to be as aggressively stupid as Genisys. Bonus point for ignoring those three movies.
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    Glengarry Glenross - 8/10: I've seen this movie countless times, but watched it again yesterday. Some awkward dialogue at times, but knowing it's based on a play helps matters. Lemmon was absolutely fantastic.

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    El Camino 3/10. I love Breaking Bad,best show ever made,rewatched it many times,but that movie...it just felt like an episode somewhere in middle of breaking bad season or something and not like a movie

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    Hobbs & Shaw - 1/10 - I managed to sit through exactly up until that point where Dwayne throws the chair. I've seen enough movies where 2 stronk bois bluster back and forth by now. I was told "It's nothing like The Fast and The Furious, it's FUNNY!", but this just solidifies my boycott of the franchise. Minus 1 point for featuring Ryan Reynolds playing the role he always plays these days for easy pull.
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    Alladin - 3/10. remake with Will Smith. Was horrible compared to the Disney animated version.

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    JoJo Rabbit - 9/10 absolutely brilliant work from Taika. And that's all I'm going to say about that. See it when you get the chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayirasi View Post
    My Hero Academia: Two Heroes: 7/10 Not bad! Hmm, but maybe I should watch the anime or read the manga now, because... what?!
    It's a pretty entertaining anime.

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    Terminator; Dark Fate 9/10
    This movie worked too damn well for me. The movie hit the ground running. Slowed up enough in places for characterization that was interesting, and deadpan funny. There were even a few lines that seemed almost poignant.
    From the trailer I wasn't sure about Grace. But the script, and her flashbacks...and her acting made it work.
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    It chapters 1 & 2: 3/10

    Not even the excellent cast or King's own cameo could save this train wreck of a movie.
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    The Joker ​5/10

    Very slow and bleak without the intellectual or artistic punch to hold it up. I didn't find the backstory itself convincing. So he ran after some kids who stole his sign into an alley where they kicked him until he was on the ground crying. Not a drop of blood or actual violence, just the concept of bullying I guess. A concept that then was repeated in case you missed the whole idea.

    Just too dumb and shallow for being so slow and pretentious. There were some good things about it, but I couldn't get past this.

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    The Joker 7/10

    I thought joker was a good movie but I didn't really want the character to be the joker though. It would have been a good story about what turned a man into a criminal. The problem was that circumstances turned him into the joker. In batman stories the joker is insane but he is also clever with schemes. In this movie, everything happens to the Joker by accident. This version of the joker is too mentally ill to be clever.

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    Joker - 0/10

    the title is a blatant lie. its falling down with a clown face. what a waste of an otherwise excellent actor.

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    Midway- 6/10

    It's was a decent WW2 romp, the CGI was a bit weak here and there and acting was not the best even tho it had some big actors but I had fun watching it and eating popcorn. I liked that it was from both US and JAP perspective and part from the ending it wasn't overly patriotic nonsense like some other movies.

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    gemini man, 6-7/10

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    Blade Runner 1000/10

    Movie takes place November 2019 which is now

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