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    The Lion King 10/10

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    True Grit - 9/10

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    Recently saw Can I Get Your Number with Anna Farris and it was fucking GOOD.

    9/10, for sure.

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    Treasure Planet 8/10

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    Just got back from seeing 50/50

    I'd give it a 9/10. I really enjoyed it. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a cutie. =) And I think that he did his part really, really well. Pretty emotional.

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    Ip Man / Ip Man 2 back to back.

    Love both of them. Solid 8/10s for both.

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    from paris with love 8/10

    travolta made that movie badass and was overall entertaining

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    X-Men:First Class 10/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorTvicR View Post
    Transformers - Dark of the Moon 2/10

    Arghh that girl, please someone anyone airbrush her from the film, just delete all scenes with her in it and maybe i would give it a 4/10
    Well damn, now I don't have to post. Shit, it was awful. Playing some Transformers: War for Cybertron made me feel better though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantzie View Post
    Ip Man / Ip Man 2 back to back.

    Love both of them. Solid 8/10s for both.
    God-tier, for sure.

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    Last movie I saw was Drive, and Id give it a 9.5. I gotta say I loved that movie, just didnt like some of the stylistic choices in it, such as the music.

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    Anyone seen Real Steel yet? Like/dislike it?

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    A Time for Drunken Horses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantzie View Post
    Ip Man / Ip Man 2 back to back.

    Love both of them. Solid 8/10s for both.
    I love Donnie Yen. He was so perfect in those, great subtle facial expressions.
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    Drive Angry
    Rating 6 out of 10
    Thoughts: It was a ok movie. It had a cool story and the potential to be something epic but it wasn't. The villain was just your ordinary psycho who believes in satan. The hero was your ordinary hero with a tragic past and regrets. I mean nothing really special. There were plenty of cuss words and nudity, but hell what action movie doesn't have that these days? Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it for the most part. The "Accountant" was the coolest character in the movie and even though the movie was focusing on Nicholas Cage's character, it would have been nice to get a little more info on the "Accountant", how Nicholas Cage escaped from hell, and of course the gun called "God Killer".

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    Pirates of the Caribbean 4

    was good for a few laughs but wasn't worth the $14 ticket. I feel so bad for Penelope Cruz; they gave her a super 1-dimensional character.

    Not enough screen time for Blackbeard--he was the only interesting character in the whole movie.

    random out-of-no-where love between a priest and a mermaid

    so, 5.5/10

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    Very Boring movie

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    I liek them UK movies. + Kaya Scodelario is hot as fuck.

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    Transformers: Dark of The Moon 7.5/10
    Ah don't get upset I thought it was way better than the 2nd one. Not even sure how I got through the 2nd one. Granted I didn't like the first 30minutes, the plot flaws that didn't really connect with the first 2 movies (2nd didn't connect with the first should have seen that coming ha), and the lenght of the movie itself. By time the best moment came in the movie I was ready to stop watching cause of the hour and a half of the almost there moments that never really came. Seriously, it wasn't a bad movie it just needed more thought put into it.

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    Inglorious Bastards 9.5/10 - Nazi killing in a slapstick comical way. Best ending I have ever witnessed.

    Everybody's Fine 8/10 - "Cute" movie if you will, and it can make damn near any women cry (most guys, too). Definitely worth checking out.

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