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    Human Centipede 2 10/10. i was sufficiently terrified.

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    'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' from Brad Bird

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    Sherlock Holmes 2

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    Don't be afraid of the dark 6/10

    Cool idea but done very poorly in my opinion.

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    The Ides of March


    The title of the movie already gives away too much of the plot and in this kind of movie that is unacceptable. I was hoping that at least the script is good, but it wasn't. I give it 6.5/10 for the acting, the only good thing about this movie.

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    V for Vendetta, was a great movie, would recommend it to anyone with any sense. 10/9
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    Blood Diamond, solid 10/10.
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    The A-team

    It was pretty cool, never really watched the old A-team tv serie so can't really compared it to that. 8/10

    Paranormal Activity 2

    It was like watching someone playing the Sims while there was a ghost in the house... Doens't really fit my taste. 4/10

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    Lars and the Real Girl, 10/10.
    Really enjoyed it in its simplicity.
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    The Warrior 7.5/10

    Good MMA meets rockky type action/drama film. decent acting and a nice story make this film a decent watch

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    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 8.5/10

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    Colombiana it was a good movie but not that much 7/10

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    Finnish documentary about living as an addict, very very sad.

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    War Horse
    Dir. : Steven Spielberg


    Very good movie. The end is a little predictible though. As the name implies, it is about the trials of a war horse during the Great War. You get a good overview of World War I. You see all sides of the war, the good guys and the bad guys of both sides, but also what it was for the civilians.

    In the lines of The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun and Schindler's List. Spielberg reminds us that he is able to make something else than Sci-Fi and action movies.

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    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
    Just, perfect and adorable and sweet revenge at the same time, loved every second of it. The opening credits is worth the admission alone, pretty much the best opening credits of all time.

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    I watched The Mechanic the other day. I know it's been out for quite awhile but never got around to it. I'd give it a 7/10. Really just enjoyable watch.

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    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    I Think 9/10 is a good rating. Wasn't quite as good as the prequel but still definitely must-see.
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    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

    By far, the best movie I've seen all year long. I want Harry Potter to win some Oscars, but damn, I hope this movie gets just as many and/or Best Picture. Just as good if not better than the Swedish version!

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    Last movie I watched worth mentioning was Redline

    Absolutely fantastic movie. 11/10 etc.

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