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    Skyfall - I'd give it a 9/10 at least, never really been a bond fan but saw this as mates wanted to go and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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    Just been to see Skyfall... just stunned what a fantastic film it was.
    after quantum of solace I was expecting it to be mediocre, no way this has to be one of the best movies i have seen in many many years.

    9/10 minimum.

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    Here comes the boom:

    I wasn't excited to see it, I wanted to see Flight, but my GF insisted. I actually enjoyed it, laughed out loud at some parts and was happy over all when I left. I would rate it a 8/10.

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    Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) -- Holy crap. Good, silly fun. Avoid trailers. 8 / 10
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    Looper - 7/10

    So random, mind fucked me, especially when I was high.

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    Cloud Atlas

    7.5 if the scale permits, really
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    The Hand That Rocks the Cradle - 7/10

    Rebecca De Mornay is great as a psychotic nanny (and she is hot)

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    21 Jump Street - 3/10

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    Skyfall. 10/10. Went to an IMAX midnight showing. Near perfect film for me. And a damn good bond film. For once, a villain went straight for bond personally. Some good twist and new faces playing old roles in this. And I cannot get over how beautiful the movie was, the cinematography was amazing and made this movie at times, especially during the Shanghai scenes. It my second favorite bond movie. First is, Casino Royal. Hard to choose though, Javier was an amazing villain, though he had short screentime, his threats were present. And I love how he acted in all of his scenes, great character. And the woman he met during the Shanghai scene was beautiful. But, Eva Green was the most stunning and my favorite bond girl ever. She owned that role.

    Would love to see a female mail villain in the next one, would be different.
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    Paranormal Activity 4
    Rating 4/10
    Review Didn't really enjoy this movie. The other 3 were atleast half decent but I found this one was kind of all over the place. Which their had of been more to the 4th one but all the same. Gotta watch them all....

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    Fargo 9/10

    Long time since I last saw this film and it's still a classic. Recommended for any fans of the Coens or blackly comical crime-dramas.

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    Skyfall. 10/10. I am having a real hard time finding a fault with the movie. What I love about the three most recent Bond movies is an absolute emphasis on the villain. They aren't just "insert random psycho" villains like so many movies. They take time to build their story and to establish them as more than a throw away character. Javier Bardem was fucking fantastic. I think right now Silva ranks #2 behind Goldfinger for Bond villains, he was that good. Any of the issues people had with QoS, thanks to the writer's strike, are completely fixed. Skyfall is an absolute gem of an action movie. One of my biggest appreciations is below since it is spoilery:

    In the bar scene when Bond is fighting the guy in the komodo dragon pit, by the way KOMODO DRAGON PIT!!, the guy picks up Bond's gun and tries to fire it. When he is grabbed by one of the komodo's you never see Bond pick up the gun before he escapes the pit. I fully expected to see him then bust the gun out like five minutes later on the boat, but he doesn't. You never see the gun again. Continuity ftw. The end scene was just glorious as well and just an epic, epic throwback. Hope they keep making these movies with Finnes as M. Also, I sincerely hope that was a replica DB5. If they find a mint condition one and then just blew it to hell it would break my heart. I fucking love that car.
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    Total Recall (2012) one with Colin Farrel. Average movie, hot girls and alot of action, allthough kinda too muc haction tbh. 6/10

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    Just got around to seeing it. As a Bill Maher fan that shares his views on atheism (and enjoys Real Time very much), I found this movie to be mediocre. The people he interviews aren't that intelligent, and keep bringing up weak -- if not asinine -- reasoning. Not to mention it's obvious towards the end, the people he's chosen to interview aren't that adept in speaking English, so when he looks at the camera, highlighting something silly they said, it's not that fair to them. The one piece that I thought was really interesting is when he was interviewing a US senator, and the senator said "...well, you don't need an IQ test to be a senator." I seriously had a facepalm moment. That undermines your whole argument, let alone your intelligence. I feel that if he had interviewed more intelligent people, it would have been a far better film, not to mention, it's easy to tell some / most of the things have been edited to make them look stupid.


    Waiting for Superman.

    An excellent documentary about our educational system. Highlights problems with our educational system, and humanizes the people that attend school. The part where they have the lottery to determine who attends a "good" school was heartbreaking. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this film, and would highly recommend it.


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    Chernobyl Diaries


    It had a great spooky atmosphere and setting, yet they managed to make it a bad movie. None of the characters were likable, except maybe for that Russian guide. No good story was going on, and the ending wrapped up to quick. Its a pity, I was looking forward for this movie to come out and expect a very scary movie judging from their trailers. Luckily I decided not to see it in the cinema anyway, as there were better movies around that time.

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    It is a very solid action movie that far exceeds the requirements for an entertaining popcorn flick action movie, yet doesn't truly surpass being an action movie and being something better. Although I did enjoy the film, it didn't really meet the expectations I ended up having for it with all the extremely rave reviews, which is partly my fault for expecting Skyfall to do more than it really was meant to do. The performances were all good (not exceptional, except for one, but good) with a high stand out performance by Javier Bardem as the villain of the movie who really stole every scene he was in, he is what truly made the movie. However apart from that nothing about the movie is truly exceptional, it is all good and will keep you entertained the entire way through, but it really didn't do much more than that. It does have many good throwbacks to old bond films bringing up laughs, and it was very well-shot camera wise (Yes that is something I noticed), it also brings the classic bond-style entertainment back.

    Honestly my biggest gripe about the movie is over the last couple of months there have been many blockbuster movies that went above and beyond my expectations (whether low or high) and brought something more than just entertainment (Wreck It Ralph, Argo, Looper, The Master, heck even Frankenweenie did to some extent), and so I came into this movie expecting it to do the same and it doesn't (not a bad thing necessarily). By that I also mean the one moment in the movie that was supposed to be a very emotional moment near the end brought nothing out of me, and I am the guy who was sobbing up the entire 3rd act of Wreck It Ralph plus the short before it, which disappointed me. Skyfall for me really didn't do enough to be great, but merely just good (which isn't bad again) in my honest opinion so I will give it, 7.2/10 for being a solid and entertaining movie but not really being able to exceed that in any way.

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    Argo, 6.5/10. very suspenseful at some parts but there was no action in it at all so it wasnt really my cup of tea and i got bored often.
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    The Dark Knight Rises, and I'll give it a 6/10. That's being pretty generous imo too. I went in with greatly lowered expectations because Heath Ledger is out of the picture and was still disappointed by it. Generally I'm a very easy please at the theater, but this just didn't do it for me. Bane's voice was cool but I couldn't make out half of what he was saying. Cat Burglar or whatever she's called was sexy but her costume seemed half assed. The entire part with the pit was very stupid. Did anyone NOT think that batman was going to eventually jump out of there?

    It seemed to me like they tried too hard to not mention the Joker at all in the movie and that was stupid. Not to mention they even ruined part of The Dark Knight by having Bane expose Harvey Dent for who he really was. A small part of what made The Dark Knight so cool was Batman taking the fall for Harvey...only to have it ruined in the 3rd film.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll probably even watch the movie again one day, but it felt too much like Batman Begins 2. It didn't deserve The Dark Knight label.

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    Hoten Transylvania.

    I'd personally give it a 6.5/10 it was a nice and amusing experience at the cinema. The movie focuses on Mavis, Dracula's daughter, which wants to go out and see the world. At her 118th anniversary, Dracula prepares a big party for Mavis, inviting a bunch of monsters. The hotel , as Dracula said, was a hidden place, and no human could could reach it. He also promised Mavis that at 118 years, she'll be allowed to go out and see the outside world, which Mavis reminded him. He allowed her to turn into a bat, and go to see the closest town. There, she found a lot of people with torches and such, trying to kill her. She started crying, and then ran back to the castel thinking at what her father said. (the humans were bad creatures, and they only wanted the worse for the others. Did I mention the monsters were afraid of humans?They were.) Anyway, the humans were actually zombies employed by Dacula to scare Mavis and made her stay inside the castle forever.
    Whe the zombies came back to the castel, a traveler called Jonathan noticed them and started following them to the castle. Dracky sees him and tries to get him out without anybody noticing, and dresses him as Frankenstien's cousin. They meet Mavis inside the castle, which wants to talk *balh blah blah* , then she falls in love with him, *blah blah blah* , Dracula disagrees and scares the shit out of Jonathan , *blah blh blah *, *sad stories from the past*. The movie ends with Mavis and Jonathan being together.

    tldr: Dracula fucks up the sittuation and then he tries to fix it. The boy and the girl end together.

    There are many things I forgot to mention there. Overall, the movie was worth the $25 ticket for the VIP room, lots of giggles, great animation, etc. Did I mention it was regised by Genndy Tartakovsky?

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    SuckerPunch 9/10
    Tripped my mind hard.
    Was good, entertaining, and the main girl was lovely!
    Great movie though. Ordered the Bluray of it about 5mins after I finished watching it.
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