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    Finally saw War of the Planet of the Apes. I really liked it, but felt it was easily the worst of the 3. I felt the other 2 movies had more big moments to it. More pivotal scenes to remember. This one felt like they were less impactful. Maybe cuz I'm not married and don't have kids. I did like how Caesar was understanding what Koba was going through. He finally got it. Yeah, there might be a couple good humans out there, but in general... fuck every last one of those mother fuckers.
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    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItachiZaku View Post
    Finally saw War of the Planet of the Apes. I really liked it, but felt it was easily the worst of the 3. I felt the other 2 movies had more big moments to it. More pivotal scenes to remember. This one felt like they were less impactful. Maybe cuz I'm not married and don't have kids. I did like how Caesar was understanding what Koba was going through. He finally got it. Yeah, there might be a couple good humans out there, but in general... fuck every last one of those mother fuckers.
    Go away Koba.

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    Contact (1997)


    jodie foster plays the roll of a dr / scientist who discovers a message from deep space using satellite dishes in new mexico. the governments from around the world decide to investigate, and

    enjoyed this movie a lot, quite entertaining, a bit slow at times, but overall has a decent pace, story and acting
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    Good Kids: 3 ~ 10 It's like all of your favorite coming-of-age movies had a stupid baby.

    Swiss Army Man: 9 ~ 10 Delightful.
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    Emoji movie: 11/10

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    Deadpool 4/10 Overrated but funny

    Barbershop 3 4/10 Not sure why the fuck I watched this, I think I woke up it was on, and didn't change the station out of curiosity.

    The Fast and Furious 8 2/10 Seriously shut this shit off at about the 30 minute mark.

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    With the new Annabelle movie coming out this weekend and a 50/50 chance at taking a pretty girl to it, I figured I should watch the first.

    A few jump scares, didn't really make all that much sense. I thought it was suppose to be more of a chucky type movie. Was decent enough. 6.5/10 I guess
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    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
    If you say pls because it is shorter than please,
    I'll say no because it is shorter than yes.

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    Con-Air: Hadn't seen it for like a Decade. watched it again on Netflix. 7/10 - Pretty solid movie, enjoyable.

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    Shin Gojira Managed to see this for the first time at a Manga Entertainment limited showing last night and a day later i'm still thinking about this.

    On face value it is essentially a "what were the people not in the giant robots doing during the first angel attack in Eva" kind of story. 80% of the film is just politicians and scientists in a room talking. But i fucking loved it. It was the first time in a very long time i have seen a film in a mainstream cinema and thought it was good. Not competent. Not 'okay for an advert' but genuinely good.
    It is a thoughtful, methodical yet unpretentious commentary on the Japanese governments dealings with Fukushima. Its on the nose as far as asian cinema goes, but its not the barebones you would get from a western film. Theres no 'its coming because it got lured by nuclear reactors, truly the worst monster was man' bunkum. The film starts assuming its a volcanic disaster, the only change once Gojira shows up is the sentiment that its a disaster with no precedent, can they mobilise the JSDF or is this breaking the WWII surrender agreements? How do you evacuate one of the most densely populated cities on earth in hours? Its as much political logistics as military dramatics.

    Its not a pacific rim style love letter. its taking the base idea of Godzilla as a natural disaster brought on by nuclear catastrophe he began as rather than a heroic sentai style giant monster fighting hero he became by the 1980's and using it as a completely serious discussion on how japan has so few infrastructures in place for disasters which in real world terms is strange when they are on the most violent fault lines on earth, the 'ring of fire' that circles the pacific ocean.

    The soundtrack ranges from Godzilla tracks unused in 50 years to heavy Evangelion inspiration. The acting ranges from rare but still there 'is this guy trying to be comedic?' Japanese acting to solid performances from the older actors in particular but the lead while not excellent is believable as a character rather than an actor going through the motions of the script. Where the film stood out though -and it surprised me- was the cinematography. To sell the movie we were mostly shown trailers using static, wide shots but the majority of the movie uses some genuinely beautiful, subtle techniques that was a sign of a cinematographer in love with his work going far above what he had to do to bring what he wanted to the shots. Lingering tracking shots that use mise-en-scene to create silhouettes and a use of semiotics to add layers of depth and scale to the piece without it looking like typical 'birds for scale' style monster movie techniques.

    It has its flaws, Japanese cgi remains a good 15 years behind things from groups like Weta and Industrial Light and Magic and there are a few times where the practical suit felt out of place -though in part this is due to the stark design change where this new gojira resembles a corpse burnt out by nuclear fire.
    The film ends with an ominous, lingering shot that feels more like an 'end of part one' than a traditional sequel bait teaser. I left extremely entertained and the film has been on my mind all day today.
    I genuinely feel sorry for the people that resorted to pirating a camrip when it released almost 2 years ago. This is a beautiful, lovingly crafted movie in a genre that has largely been a joke since before slasher movies became one.
    If you enjoyed Neon Genesis Rebuild 1.11 or The Host i absolutely recommend the upcoming Blu Ray release. I know i am gushing but holy shit it was so refreshing to see a film that didnt meet my expectations but exceed them. I sincerely cannot remember the last time that happened.
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    Blueobelisk: For some reason, I didn't get any notifications, so I wasn't made aware of your reply until now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    1. Perfect movies. Meaning real 10/10s, the cream of the crop. Better than anything else. Basically it means that no matter what someone's preference is, as a reasonable human being they'd be missing out on life by not watching the movie.
    Do these movies really exist, though? There are groundbreaking, superbly made films out there, but film is still art, and art is subjective. A film held in high regard from an objective standpoint is almost certainly not going to be a film that everyone will love, or even like. I can't use this.

    3. I like psychological movies. Not necessarily just the "oh there's one big twist at the end", but movies that really make you think and/or captivate your attention.
    Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘captivate your attention’? Because that is usually also individual.

    I will see what I can find. In the meantime, make a note of The Witch (2015/2016), if you haven't seen it. I usually don't watch horror, but The Witch is excellent on a technical level – lighting, colouring, soundtrack, and all. It's also a perfect example of what can happen when an idea is planted in someone's mind, and how that can cause a family to fall apart. Apropos the damage planting an idea in someone's mind can inflict, The Hunt (Jagten, 2012) shows how dire the consequences of that can be. It also shows how brilliant an actor Mads Mikkelsen is. This film would belong to the psychological category you described.

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    Nothing like a bit of elitism to start the day off.
    I chuckled.

    Alien: Covenant (2017)

    This film is not so bad, if you go into it expecting a comedy. I didn’t. There are several scenes that are so ridiculous that it’s impossible to take them seriously. Some of them even made me laugh. My favourite has got to be the sequence leading up to the ship exploding, followed closely by Michael Fassbender teaching Michael Fassbender to play the recorder.

    The plot is uninteresting and unengaging, with even more uninteresting and forgettable characters. There are plot holes around every corner, and where there aren’t plot holes, there are cliches. There are also things that happen out of nowhere for seemingly no reason at all. Some of the visual effects are good. It’s mildly entertaining at times. Michael Fassbender is phenomenal as always.

    Michael Fassbender is the only possible justification for watching this film.

    Verdict: 4/10

    The Last King (Birkebeinerne, 2016)

    This film is an abundantly clear reminder of why I don’t watch Norwegian films. It attempts to tell a famous tale in Norway, but it lacks any sense of direction, has characters with less personality than a bundle of firewood, overall contrived and mediocre acting, even worse script, and is otherwise completely void of substance. The only thing that is even remotely memorable is the musical main theme with the female vocals. The only redeeming quality is the subject matter, but it isn’t all that redeeming when the rest is utter garbage.

    Verdict: 2/10

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    Annabelle: Creation 9/10

    Spectacular direction~!

    The production design of the Conjuring-verse films continues to be superb. From the wallpaper to the light switches- fabulous attention to detail, space and atmosphere. Also the cinematography here is incredible!

    The use of dark empty space is has not been this well used since Hooper. Combined with the genuine use of mostly practical effects and understated sound design, the feeling of unease and dread so strongly permeates the film that even in exterior scenes lit by sunlight the framing feels claustrophobic, dark and dense.

    Acting and script are good but the latter is a little too thin.

    Whose Streets? 8/10

    Very good documentary film making when the film focuses on the interpersonal lives of rioters, protesters and people whose lives were affected by the Ferguson riots. However, some of the editing makes it so the narrative is at times bit too busy and unfocused. Nonetheless, the film is wonderful in outlining the rightful anger and reaction of a community and culture oppressed by equal design & ignorance.

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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - 8/10

    Very solid movie overall, definitely not as action-y as the first one but lots of feels. Oh man the feels. Also, Kurt Russell still looks damn good. Really felt like a "middle movie", for good or ill.
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    Went on a small Boon Joon-Ho session after watching snowpiercer,

    Snowpiercer - 7.8/10
    An ambitious sci fi that is well made and offers thought provoking subjects. The acting isnt oscar worthy but I had no big problems with the acting, and Tilda is particularly good with one of her more crazier characters. The setting is simple inside a train with varied cabins so the movie kind of offers a "whats behide door number 3" vibe throughout the entire film which is fun. Fans of sci fi would want to check this out. Its quite silly in places but its the directors style and I think it works. Doesn't take itself too seriously can just enjoy something different.

    Memories of Murder - 7/10
    Fairly standard murder mystery movie with a touch of small town Korea. Has some funny/memorable characters and holds the suspense well. However was a bit disappointed with the ending which goes for a more clever/open to interpretation ending, which I find kind of annoying in crime/thriller movies.

    Okja - 8/10
    Very fun movie with an important message about the food industry which is tricky to do. Heart warming and silly this movie is a nice balance and doesn't drag or get too preachy in parts, a part at the end made me scoff but you can see what they were trying to do.
    Jake Gyllenhaal is hilarious in it and Tilda is creepy again. The young girl also does a great job in quite a difficult role. Should defiantly check this film out. Steven yeun from the walking dead is in and he is also hilarious, underrated actor.
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    Fate of the furious. 1/10

    As I was expecting. Biggest pile of shit I've seen in a decade. How anyone can even like this compared to the first movie is beyond me. But well, at least Vin Diesel makes money out of it.

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    Rogue One - 3/10. This film is ugly the characters are boring and 1 dimensional, the action is trite and by the numbers, the big robot is annoying as hell, the plot is thin and uninteresting and the first 5-10 mins when we seem to be on a different planet every shot is disorientatiting and serves no obvious purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Although for Blueobelisk above perhaps "Green Room" (Patrick Stewart) might work?
    Saw Green Room last night on TV in living room while eating a ghetto dinner. The premise of it is that (not really a spoiler, but uhhhh.
    It sort of is if you don't know what the movie is about. It's a horror movie, so THIS is what goes wrong: ) a punk rock band, after playing music for a neo-nazi bar, walks back into the dressing [green] room for their cell phone and see a murder, and then the owners think of them as witnesses so they do what they can to make trap them so the band can't leave.

    It was....it's like one of those bad horror movies but it's actually pretty decent. Somehow, it makes sense and the characters perform actions that are understandable, and yet I can't relate at all or see the situation being real. And yet, I do see how it COULD happen.

    Idk, it feels unfair for me to rate it. I'd probably give it like 1/10. I'd bump it to like 1.5 if I were to bring in my bias of liking the genre.


    I'm about to go to Trader Joe's btw to get some more snacks. (Part of the reason dinner was ghetto last night was that all I had was a dumb tuna sandwich, but I didn't have any chips zzzzzz.) They better have that fucking movie theater popcorn. >:O

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    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - 7/10

    I quite enjoyed this movie. Fantasy, action, good CGI and acting. The camera angles during action scenes were also cool.

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    Holy shit that place was packed. I know it's Sunday but fucking dammit yo. You guys don't know what I go through for this authentic home movie experience. Makes comment about the type of people who go there for organic shit.

    I got a Herbs and Spices flavor. I hope it's okay. (I might try it for Game of Thrones tonight.)

    You guys and your newer movies makes me want to see a movie that's like out now. There are quite a few King Arthur reviews, with decent ratings, but eh. Maybe it's time to watch Wonder Woman...I'm actually a bit busy but I can TRY to pencil it in today.

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    Spiderman: Homecoming .... 6/10

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    The Quiet Man (1952) - 10/10

    An old favorite that I haven't watched in... decades. Solid story. Solid acting. A movie I enjoy every time I've seen it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - 6/10

    Laughed out loud a couple times. Some of the special effects were solid. Story was a bit lack luster imo.

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