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    John Wick 3; Parabellum 7/10

    It is what you expect. And it met those expectations.

    A little more screen time for the character "Sofia" and she might have stolen the show.

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    Suspiria - 4/10: This is a better version of Hereditary.. but still lacking. DJ does a great job in this flick (some of those dance scenes, gawddamn), and Tilda Swinton delivers as she always does.. she's easily the most underrated actress in the biz. But the acting, great shots, color, and generous amounts of raw horror / gore content simply can't eclipse this largely directionless, at times flat out stupid plot. The end will make you say 'wtf did I just watch', and not in the good way.

    I feel like a directors cut might be all that's needed to bring this score up a bit.
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    Happy Death Day 2U: 7.5 ~ 10 Funnier than the first, but somehow not as fun. Rothe is still a delight.

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum: 9 ~ 10 Bonkers top-notch action. The stuff with the horses and dogs was hilarious and awesome.

    Vacation (2015): 1 ~ 10 It takes your rose-colored glasses from the first film (Christmas Vacation, too) and smears them with feces.
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    Avengers End Game 6/10

    I walked into this movie thinking I would rather watch the new episode of Doom Patrol. I walked out with the same feeling.

    Infinity War left a bad taste in my mouth and this only partially fixed it. It doesn't help that I've become somewhat spectacle resistant over the years.

    BlacKKKlansman 7/10

    This was pretty good although I felt some of the KKK people in the movie were just a little too over the top.

    John David Washington was really good but unfortunately I had just watched S3/4 of Ballers prior to seeing this. I saw Ron Stallworth on the screen and kept hearing Ricky Jerret.

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    Rambo: First Blood - 9/10.

    Rewatched this via UHD Blu-Ray and it looked brilliant. Such a great film, I only discovered it a few years ago having mistakenly thought it would be like the sequels and it isn’t at all.

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