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    Leveling Shadow

    Hey guys, decided to pick up a priest for some reason, I was kinda liking the whole Shadow thing upon watching it for a while.
    Anyway, I'm still rather low, only lvl 23, but I just wanted some insight on what type of gear I should be shooting for. Right now, I'm just grabbing anything with +int and +stam on it, but I'm wondering if I should be pickin up some spirit too, for regen/less downtime. I don't have much of it, but there's some.
    Made this thread because I only see a Disc/Holy lvling guide here, sorry if I shouldnt have.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Int and stamina is the best imo, however if a clothie drop that gives you + spirit and + int upgrade from your own item and no clothie healer needs it, I'd take it. Works well with the glyph of spirit tap aswell Beside If you have some spirit gear it makes potential healing alot more enjoyable as mana is more of an issue with the new dungoen upgrades and alot of players fail to notice things have changed in there
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    what you should do is to buy a loooooot of drinks, because you gonna need it, truly.
    The problem with the sp pexing, is that dot cost a lot of mana, and you really need to apply them on your target, or it will be a long fight only spamming mind flay

    Then dispersion will come to you, all mana issues will disapear ;p

    My advice from lvl 1 to ~~ 55 :
    Use only shadow word pain & mind flay, refresh your power word : barrier as much as you can.
    After this, pexing will be more fun, dot dot dot/ run / dispersion/ dot/dot/dot /loot/loot/loot

    Krys (sry for his bad english, french ftw )

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    While as a Shadow Priest, you certainly don't need Spirit, though it gives you more +Hit Rating if you have the Veiled Shadows talent.

    It does NOT help your mana regen as a Shadow Priest, unless you're not casting for 5 seconds. (Don't do that)

    So, you should value Spirit less than Intellect, but more than Stamina if you have Veiled Shadows.
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