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    Comming back.

    Hello everyone, im going to be going back to my shadow priest come cata and I was hoping you all could put some of my questions down.

    First question: Are GOblin's racials going to put them ahead of Troll for best dps increase? and if it is a small margin, will the groblin Rocket blink (if you will) be enough utility to make up for it.

    Second: Best professions? Currently i am ENchanting/tailoring. Just need to know if the best professions change at 85.

    Third: What are stat weights? Hit>Haste>mastery>Crit? (im shooting in the dark here)

    Fourth: What is the DPS at 85 looking like?

    I know the rotation and with the implementation of the new form of dot clipping you want to re aply with 1 sec left.
    I know that you want to mind blast to keep up Mastery dot increase damage, and use it at 3 stacks unless the buff falls off.

    Well that is generally my questions. If there is another post on this i appologize.

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    Can't say anything about the goblin racials, but I think the best professions is LW and Engineering atm. But Tailor enchanting is still quite nice.

    What I know and read we can't really say anything about mastery yet? Too little simcrafts done. But hit>SP>Haste>Crit and Mastery somewhere? :3

    And I can't say anything about the DPS yet either but I sure hope it's going to be fine (:

    Dosent look like I really did answer any question but hope I helped you somehow!

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    Mastery was absolutely garbage before; and it hasn't been changed all THAT much (only affects after you cast MB and only for a short period of time), so I expect crit to still be far above it.

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    I'm pretty sure the goblin haste increase is on par with troll berserking, and the rocket jump perk gives them a practical edge just like you said.

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