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    The future of holy priests

    I've been hearing that holy priests are at the bottom of the healing meters in Cataclysm, do you think Blizzard will buff them some in the future or are they screwed until later content?

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    Priests have received buffs in at least 2 recent hotfixes/patches

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    Seriously? This again?

    The topic was on this forum maybe a month ago due to the logs some top guild showed on worldoflogs. Logs showed priests and shamans were largely over-performed by droods and pallies specially cause of the mana-regen talents. Things changed a lot in the meantime: droods mana regen was reduced a lot and prayer of healing and single target spells (heal, gheal) were largely buffed.

    I dont know if at the moment the classes are perfectly balanced and dont care cause blizzy has shown the will to balance things out. After the 1st few raids when blizzy will have more reliable datas on healing healers will be balanced. The sky is not falling. Period.
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