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    Sticky Compendium + Shaman Forum Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING) Updated: 05/31/2011

    Shaman Forum Rules

    1) Read the FAQ's to get any answers that you seek. Almost everything you need to know will be there. If you don't find an answer to your question then please feel free to ask. This is to try and stop the amount of "why is my dps bad" / "help me improve" posts posted by people who think its ok to be lazy and not do some work for themselves. There is a large group of very knowledgeable people here ready to assist. Please respect their time and effort by first reading the information already provided before you post your question.

    2) Two handed weapons and Tanking are NOT viable for enhancement and we are fed up reading a thread every other week asking if they are. There is a thread here if you want to discuss it.

    3) QQing is not allowed. Any big whining posts will give you an infraction.

    4) Trolling or starting flame wars will get you an infraction.

    5) Look to see if there is already an active post on the topic you are interested in (ie: on the first page or two). If so please post in that thread, don't create a new thread on the same subject.

    Before posting make sure you also read the offical forum rules: Forum Guidelines

    If you see a post that goes against these rules please report them. It saves us mods a lot of time and keeps the forum cleaner.

    The mods on this forum are:

    If you have any problems or querys about posts feel free to PM one of us.

    Shaman Sticky Threads
    We have many helpful threads on this board. To help consolidate the sticky threads all of them will now be accessed through this thread. Any new additions will be added here as well. If you feel a thread deserves to be added to this thread, feel free to PM me.

    Catalysm Guides
    Elemental Guide

    Enhancement Guide

    Restoration Guide

    How to Shaman PVP - Arena Junkies

    Enhancement PVP Guide

    Cataclysm Pre-raiding Gear Guides
    Enhancement Pre Raid Guide

    Elemental Pre Raid Guide

    General Information
    Useful Macros

    2h use and Tanking

    Shaman UI
    Endus' Elemental Auras

    Bone's Epic PowerAuras 'BEPA'

    Ultimate Shaman UI (V4)

    Enhancement Information

    Making the best gear choices as Enhancement

    If you see that this thread has been updated after you have read it please have a quick look through it agian.
    There might be a new sticky that will be helpful for you.
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