View Poll Results: Where will you set your Astral Recall?

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  • Org/SW/Other city.

    20 60.61%
  • Zone your leveling in.

    13 39.39%
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    Where are you going to set Astral Recall while leveling?

    Seeing as how we can glyph our Astral Recall to be only 7.5 minutes, are you going to leave it set it to Org/SW? For easy switching through zones/getting abilities.

    Or are you going to change it as you progress through zones? To be able to hand in your quests quicker than anyone else.

    As for myself, I think I'll wait until I get to the new zones before I make up my mind.

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    Hinterlands from 80-85. Definitely.

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    SW, as you should be able to use the portals in the major cities to portal to the place you are questing.

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    Definitely at Orgrimmar first, since I'll be dungeon grinding for the first few levels (turning in 25 dailies, then hearthing to Org to pick up flying).

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    But what if I would rather use my hearthstone?

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