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    Quick Penance Macro Question

    I have setup macros for a lot of my spells such as:
    #showtooltip Power Word: Shield
    /cast [@mouseover,help] [@target,help] [@player] Power Word: Shield

    But for some reason, I cannot get Penance to work. It keeps saying no target.

    #showtooltip Penance
    /cast [@mouseover] [@target] [@player] Penance

    I want it to work on mouseover for all, target for all, and otherwise cast on self if I have no target. Can someone help please? Thanks!

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    /cast [@mouseover,exists] Penance
    /cast Penance

    Will cast Penance on mouseover targets (irregardless of heal/damage). If no mouseover, will cast penance on target. If neither mouseover nor target, will cast on self (presuming that auto-self cast is ticked in options). It could be made neater with a modifier.

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    #showtooltip Penance
    /cast [@mouseover,nodead][@target,nodead][@player] Penance

    That should work for you. nodead is a modifier which implies exists

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    You can also use the pseudo-old format in in case you want to make it easier to modify into a multi-spell macro at a later date. I use that format for all my macros to stay consistent:

    /cast [@mouseover,exists]Penance;[@target,exists]Penance;[@player]Penance

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