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    Leveling a priest - Healing

    I'm thinking of leveling a priest through just pure dungeons and healing and i'm at a twist of whether I should go holy or disc. I like disc for the shields, and never personally tried holy but i've heard good things about it.

    Any opinions on which is better for leveling? 80 dungeons?


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    They're both pretty awesome.

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    If you get alot of good tanks, holy
    If not, disc.

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    the Atonement talent for Disc priest makes for some really interesting dungeon runs. From what I've seen other priests do, you can pretty much spam smite during trash pulls and toss out the occasional direct heal during a boss fight.

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    I would say Disc too, you'll help your group by smiting, your Penance will be OP.

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    I'm levelling a Priest right now, Disc is a lot of fun. Great for solo-questing too.

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    Disc is a lot safer, you often run into shitty tanks with hp lower then you so being able to toss shields that are 30-40% of their hp help a lot. Also its fun to spam smite!

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    I'm leveling with disc/shadow dual spec, but since the new world is so fun and fast i level there instead till 60. then mostly dungeons in 60-70 then 70-80 dungeons/av till i get to grizzly i think
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    I'm biased towards disc because it's how I leveled and how I raid - I'm sure a holy priest in then same boat would say the same thing. Both are enormously fun to play, and it's becoming less and less difficult to dual spec now, so try them both. You need to see how you cope with both specs in term of the skill mix you employ and how well you manage to keep people alive. If you can combine the elements of personal enjoyment with group survivability then you have your answer. Good luck - priests are great choice (biased again!).

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    Disc its just easy i just throw bubble up and pennance when the tank drops sub 60% i have duel monitor so i just forum it up while healing :P

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    Dual spec is at level 30 for 10g, try both.
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