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    Question Rogue PvP - What should I do?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm thinking of leveling a rogue for PvP only. Now, I don't really know anything about rogues regarding stats and so on.
    So my question here is: What stats should I go for, for PvP? I'll play as a sub. rogue if that matters.

    Anything else important I should know about PvPing as sub. rogue, feel free to inform me


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    Sorry, just to add on, I know I am leveling a goblin rogue once Clysm drops, so I had some pvp questons too.

    I know in arena cheap shot is always the opener it just gives more control, but for BGs is it generally better to go with Ambush or Cheap Shot when killing random people? Does Ambush do enough damage to compensate for the fact that you could have stunned the person instead? And when are poisons available? If I go sub I still get to use poisons right, that isn't just assassination is it?

    Any other good tips for rogue pvp would be appreciated. I have pvp'ed as many other classes so I know what it is like going against rogues, but never played one befor myself.

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    Agility, as probably obviously seen, but more so as Subtlety, as the passive for speccing Sub increases your Agility by 25%.

    As for opening, if you have no DRs on Silences or Stuns, you should be opening with CS or Garrote(It should be glyphed). The only exceptions are if the target has horrendous gear to where you will near 1Shot them with Ambush and if youre working with someone else who is going to Stun & youre doing the Damage.

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    I'm about to buy BoA weapons but I'm not sure, I have a lvling sub rogue that I like to PvP with as well and I am unsure as to what weapon speeds I am looking for. I am under the impression I want dual daggers, super fast OH and high damage (slower) MH, but I want to check now.

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    you obviously have agility as your ap giving stat, if you're going to be playing sub at 80-85 you want to be stacking haste

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