Hey everyone, long LONG time lurker but this will be my first post.

SO basically I am trying to make a macro, I do have some experience making pretty complicated macros, or so i thought.

Here is what i need the macro to do:
IF in combat cast inner focus and THEN (PoH, Flash Heal, Greater Heal) heal.
IF out of combat only cast (PoH, Flash Heal, Greater Heal) heal.
Mouseover- [target=mouseover,help,nondead][]

Now I have searched forums and google high and low without any results (Mainly due to the fact that i dont know what keywords to search)

I have tried so many different combinations and this is the closest i have come:

#show Greater Heal
/cast Inner Focus[combat]
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][] Greater Heal

PLEASE HELP!! I have only gotten a macro to cast inner focus then heal out of combat and also in combat. I have asked some of my guildies to help also with no success either.