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    Echo of Light + Mastery + Spellpower

    I read in a Guide:
    Echo of light has a cap based on your spellpower and mastery

    The post is here (battle.net is currently pooptacular, but it is a healing guide for all classes, so it's very generic imo):

    Maybe I am just out of it since I am going on little to no sleep, but is this accurate? If so, could someone direct me to more info?

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    Battle net is down at the moment so i can't read the post, so sorry if what i say is already covered by the thread.
    I can see how Echoes can have a theoretical cap, it's not difficult to understand. If you can push out 10k heals every second and you have 10% then you will give 1k to echoes every second, so after the first second echoes will have 1k healing over 6 seconds. Each second will expend 1/6 of the Echoes total, and 1k will be put in every second.
    Therefore, the max Echoes can reach is where the expended amount is equal to the amount put in each second

    Inputting maths shows that the 'cap' is your maximum Hps multipied by your mastery percentage.
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    It wasn't covered at all, only that one sentence mentioned.

    How can the cap on mastery be X multiplied by mastery? Wouldn't it be the case that when your mastery rating goes up, the benefit of Echoes goes up? Maybe I am misunderstanding.

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    Of course it has a cap on based on your SP and Mastery... That's like saying any other spell has a cap based on your SP and healing modifiers.. Or your health pool has a cap based on your stamina.

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    Okok, I was reading that simple sentence totally wrong. I thought it was saying there was a cap on mastery for Echoes. That is clearly not what it is saying. Sorry for that! I apparently need more sleep before I head into Cata or I might be completely brain dead!

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