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    Fan of Knives

    To be honest, I think Blizzard should add Fan of Knives to rogues at low level. Rogues have no aoe spell at all apart from their talent "Blade Flurry".
    I'm just saying this cause it sometimes bugs me that you need to wait til lvl 80 to accually get a real aoe spell.

    Just wanted to mention this!

    Sincerely Ziin.

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    Yo Ziin.

    I think so too, they can barley do anything at low level while the "Pick up group" is gathering more then 1 mob... that's pretty boring.

    And if you want to pick up a lot of mobs you have to DPS them down one by one.

    Give Rogues Fan Of Knives at level 20+!

    Sincerly Iawo.

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    Dearest Ziin,

    I also think rogues should have FoK at a low level! Seriously...why are we the absolute last class to get an aoe!? Boss DPS doesn't matter in low level dungeons, it's just the trash that's going to determine the speed of the run, and rogues are going to be looked at as deadweight if we can't aoe.

    Sincerely Lemons.
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    rogues untie, it's faster to level in bg's i'm finding now

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    I've leveled a rogue from 1 to 80 the last month... and since before I turned level 60, every time I dinged I was pissed that I could not train Fan of Knives yet. Big gaping void in the rogue arsenal all the way to 80. Earlier FoK would be great

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    just spam Sinister, that's what i did, nothing else, don't even bother trying to SnD, because the time it'll take to get it going the pack'll be dead and you'll waste 75% of the time on the buff running to the next pack.

    or spam Mutilate, if you're assassination. same thing.

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