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    Smile Hunter or Druid?

    Hey! i can't decide if i should use my Hunter or my Druid for Cataclysm, please help me
    i like my Hunter best, but i wont use him if hes dps will be horrible, and i heard that feral have awesome dps.
    i also like to pvp, but usually i PvE.
    Please help me decide =)

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    Feral has good dps at 80, hunters have fail dps at 80(except BM lol, their burst is insane), it balances at 85. Do what you like playing most. I'd recommend hunter though.

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    hunters will get buffed eventually, promise. also at 85 hunter dps goes up quite a bit.
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    They will both balance out at 85 so hunters should be better once you get to 85 and druid should just stay pretty level. Honestly play what you like best, from what your op says you enjoy your hunter more, so I would say stick with your hunter, you can always level your druid later.

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    Thanks for the help guys! im leveling my hunter to 85

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    I would use the hunter, you'll be asked as always to heal or tank if you are in a guild and that's always horrible if you dont want to. Feral is really fun but also hard to master

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    go druid

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    Make your own mind up.

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