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    Hey guys,

    This is my Druid alt: (Yes I know, Cloth chest, will get swapped very soon. The Leather PvP piece is about 1600-3000 on my server at times, I can craft these cloth myself for about 120g).

    I'm having a tiny bit of trouble healing: My HPS is mostly rather average, around 10-11k in Baradin Hold and about 13k average in LFR. I also feel like I have trouble keeping people alive.

    What I usually do: Keep 3 stacks of LB on the tank being attacked, preferably to refresh them with Nourish, or a clearcast RG, to keep Harmony going at all times. If not, I'll just LB again, but I manage a 100% uptime if I disregard swapping stacks upon tank swaps. I keep RJ on the tank and Swiftmend on CD, most of the time on the tank to benefit from Efflo with the other melee, other times I'll Swiftmend a Ranged/Healer in need of a quick heal if he's surrounded by others to try to get the most out of Efflo.
    I also tend to WG when I know heavy aoe damage will be incoming. Sometimes proactively, often retroactively. In aoe heavy fights I use WG on CD.

    What I don't know is how to deal with RJ. Last time I healed on another Druid alt (that no longer exists) was in WOTLK. I sometimes slip into blanket-the-raid mode, but it drains me rather fast. Now I try to keep RJ up on about 4-5 guys if damage is heavy, otherwise I use it to top people off after an occasional non-recurring damage spike.

    It's not that I have true mana issues with Innervate whenever it won't cap my mana and Tree to spam 1 stack of LB on everyone. I'm also an Alchemist and I still use Mana Potions from time to time: Since I'm doing LFR and 5man only, I don't really need any other pot. Yet, I do find myself a bit low on mana in longer fights.

    In 5 mans I have even more trouble. I use Nourish almost all the time to keep everyone up, but due to the lack of big heals and other tools that I do have on my Priest and Shaman alts, I always seem to be struggling a bit to keep them all alive.

    I do like it more than any other style of Healing: I feel much more involved and active when healing on my Druid. But I feel like I should and could be doing way better than this.

    Come MoP, I want to swap to my Druid from my main Mage (thanks to account-wide mounts and achievements), so I want to really get into this one before it hits live.
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    First off, hello there!

    Before I start, a little background on myself. My friends have played wow back since early TBC and I have been following them and casually reading MMO champion since this time. With the upcoming release of MoP I have decided finally to start playing and we have all transferred to a new realm and created a fresh guild to play together.

    I have healed a couple of normal DS pug runs now, along with a few goes of RF. I have put out greater HPS than better geared healers (after listening to advice from guild mates and reading places like this) so it is not for advice as to actually "how" to heal I come here, more with questions about my gear.

    edit: I tried to post a link to my armoury but apparently I can't post links till I have been here a while - please find me at Richuk on EU Ragnaros/Horde/Peacebloom420

    I know that the PVP pieces are far from ideal, however I am curious as to how much of an improvement I will see when I can swop them for teir items. As you can see from my Armoury there, I am far far far below the ideal 2005 haste cap I see everyone talk about here. Can I expect replacing those PVP items with their PVE counterparts to bring me to this cap, aswell as providing a noticable increase in throughput?

    Apart from that, if anyone has any really obvious failings with my glyphs/spec/gear that they would mind sharing with me that would be appreciated, (my inbox is open if that would be easiest).

    As you can see I have signed up to this site just to make this post, but after having read for quite a while I can say that one of the reasons I chose to play a druid was that it appears to have one of the most helpful forums here on MMO champion so I'd like to thank all the regular contributors here for the advice I have already gained.

    Thanks All

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    Mana wise, the difference won't be large. Throughput however will be much, much better. Thats 550 extra secondaries, or the equivalent of a little over 3 points of mastery. Granted, you would see a much larger difference if you went for 2005 haste, and with your gear it should be fairly easy to get once you replace the pvp items.

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    Question Myrrar, why Living Seed instead of Blessing of the Grove? Shown in Healing 10s: Tank and raid with middle mana problems 10/0/31. Which is my spec but I have Blessing of the Grove instead of Living Seed, min spec has no Nature's Cure but still have 1 in Regrowth 1 in Living Seed and 2 in Blessing of the Grove.

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    Or anyone whom can answer.

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    BotG vs LS/anything else is a little further down

    BotG stacks additively. Meaning with two points you only get right over 2% instead of 4. There is really no reason to take 2/2 botg and only really should take 1/2 if you are dropping massive amounts of regen points and have a ton to spare.
    Per Dendrek: Rejuvenation is affected by several additive effects, meaning that although BotG should increase healing by 2% per point, it actually increases healing by MUCH LESS than 2%. In fact, it's worth something close to 1% increase per point. That's a 1% increase to Rejuv's healing, not a 1% increase to overall healing. It's very likely close to a .5% increase per point to overall healing. That amount is so small it almost makes those wasted talent points.
    Basically, with just the way the game stacks certain spells with each other botg is really bad. You will end up seeing more effective healing with NB or LS in almost all situations. The only time you will see more healing possibly from BotG(if you are healing correctly) is if you are doing a 25 man farm boss with minimal healers and only really blanket RJing. If you are at the point you have dropped a few healers and are mindlessly spamming, it's not really going to matter what your spec is. Plus, you don't want to change your spec for the few fights you do get to do that.

    In 10s considering cross tank healing, using more RG and direct healing + CC LS will be significantly better. Though, NB will probably be best of the 3.

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    What's a good way to decide how many stacks of LB you should keep on the tank? I'm leveling my druid right now, and he's at 66. Things are obviously less intensive, and it seems my LB always goes to overheal. I'm still having a better time using Rejuv for a HoT and Nourish / Swiftmend for direct heals on my tank. Not having mana issues. Thanks.

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    It doesn't matter if it's overhealing or not, you always want to keep 3 stacks of Lifebloom, since you can only have Lifebloom active on one target unless you are in tree form.
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    I tried searching but couldnt find anything on it, does anyone know if lifeblood is best used with tranquility right now i have it macroed with it but not sure if it benefits much from it or whether it has a better use elsewhere such as ToL

    Oh and is there a harmony tracker, i normally get 90-93% uptime but wouldnt mind trying for 100%!

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    It's ok macroing Lifeblood with Tranquility as it benefits a lot from it, but of course it can be very useful with getting the lifeblooms up when using Tree of Life. It's your call here as healing is always situational.

    As for the harmony tracker, you can use quite many addons for this, like Power Auras, WeakAuras... Anything which can track individual buffs to be honest. Harmony is just a buff among others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    I tried searching but couldnt find anything on it, does anyone know if lifeblood is best used with tranquility right now i have it macroed with it but not sure if it benefits much from it or whether it has a better use elsewhere such as ToL

    Oh and is there a harmony tracker, i normally get 90-93% uptime but wouldnt mind trying for 100%!

    The haste from lifeblood will only matter if it's going to have you hit the next plateau.
    The next tranq tick is at 3965, and the max haste you should have is 2005. So no, you don't want to use any temp haste buff before tranq.

    On proc haste is probably our worst buff by far sadly. Since we are based off caps, and haste is almost worthless in between those, the haste end's up not helping much if at all. You will already be at your min gcd for instants, even big trinkets with haste procs don't give enough to bump you to a next cap, so you really want to use it any time you'll be direct healing. Tank going to be taking a ton of dmg? One raid member gets targeted for something and you know you need to direct heal? That's the only real time it's worth using.

    For harmony tracking, I agree with power auras(or any addon like that). Have it show whenever the buff is up and you'll know when you need to refresh it.
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    Ooops, I maybe should've thought the tranquility haste thing to the end. Didn't think about the plateaus at all. Don't listen to me in that part. ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrar View Post
    The haste from lifeblood will only matter if it's going to have you hit the next plateau...
    You wont get more hot ticks (since as you said you wont reach the next haste plateau), but the added haste will help you channel the spell faster. Granted its not much faster (my rough math says you'd cast it in about 6.39 secs instead of 6.59).

    But yeah - you are probably better off using that lifeblood haste for bursts of tank healing or with tree of life (more casts boosted by the 15% heal buff)

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    The best use I've found for lifeblood is an extra early stack on jaws of defeat. Jaws does have an icd of ~1 second per stack, so you have to space instants, but if you pop jaws followed by lifeblood and treeform, and then hit natures grasp you'll have the first 2 stacks taken care of at 0 mana cost. Its worth noting barkskin also gives a stack, and you'll usually want to pop it any time theres enough raid damage to pop jaws of defeat anyways.

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    Does anyone have a cliffs version that sums up the changes druids will be seeing in the expansion?

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    I've been on vacation for a week but before that I couldn't find any overall overview of the changes for druids. I assumed by now blogs would be doing big posts about it but all the ones that have aren't really complete. I'll look around and make a overview thread about it if I find one.

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    Lifeblood with Zon'Ozz trinket gives 11 ticks of Wild Growth and Efflorences even with the normal model.

    Other then that it has no real use then in ToL

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    I am getting more and more uncertain about absoluteness of HC Maw for 10man healer.
    I have HC Vagaries right now and comparing stats, i could get like +182 spellpower from it, not counting heal proc of course.
    But other stats i lose.;78363
    What does other healers think about this?
    Mostly regarding 10mans.
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    The Maw proc is awesome in just about every fight and just does so much more than the extra sp and stats, even in 10 mans because so much of DS is stacked up. The 403 maw easily can do 5-10% of your healing on most fights in 10 man.

    About the only fight where switching to the Vagaries is worth it is Blackthorn Heroic(Ship) since you tend to be spread out in phase 1, or maybe Heroic Hagara if you run during frost rather than stack. And even then its not likely to be a huge difference (if you are good at aiming yourself on those fights the maw proc still does decently)
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    so with the haste cap reducing our gcd's to 1sec cept for rejuv(talent)

    i started wondering, would the haste cap be enough to make the swift rejuv talent unnecessary?

    i mean, would the haste cap achieve the same 0.5sec of the talent? ifso wouldn't swift rejuv be a wasted 1 point?
    or does the swift rejuv talent give us below 1 sec gcd for rejuv?
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    a) no the haste cap is not enough to make the talent unnecessary
    b) no the talent plus additional haste does not take you below 1 sec gcd, because 1 sec is the GCD cap.

    You would need somewhere around 5500 haste rating (and the 5% haste raid buff) to reach a 1.0 sec GCD without the swift rejuv talent.

    Since you aren't really losing much in choosing swift rejuv over the other talent options, just take it and have the guarenteed 1 sec GCD for Rejuv. Being able to respond faster after casting a rejuv can be lifesaving. To say nothing of being able to toss multiple rejuvs out faster for raid healing.

    And in a matter of months it wont matter as the prepatch for MoP wont have the same talent trees anymore.
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