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  • Godzilla (any incarnation)

    22 26.83%
  • Father Christmas (Any incarnation - reindeer and elfs included)

    15 18.29%
  • This is bollocks. ...Batman would win.

    45 54.88%
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    Quote Originally Posted by rantus View Post
    I think it would be this guy:

    The Santa from futurama
    This guy would win
    Kurogasa:"Bitch tried to steal my herb... So I typhooned his ass off a cliff"
    Gala:"Why can't he burn in heaven? There can be Holy Fire in Heaven"
    Garrosh Hellscream:"Shut your clever mouth, bitch."
    Terenas Menethil II:"At long last. No king rules forever, my son."
    Kenny:"I'm just waiting for a fire axe to hack through my door one day and see aulio on the other side goin "heeeeeeeeres johnny"
    StarFade:Are you actually serious? To quote every rapper:"How fucked-up is you?"

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    Batman obviously. Why? Because he's the goddamn batman.

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