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    Loooking for a Gear-Set Addon

    I was wondering if there was an addon(sort of like Equip-compare addon) that I can set my different gears sets and when I mouse-over an item or acquire an item, if it will display the current item I have in that slot in my other gear sets.

    Equip-compare sort of does this when you mouse-over an item it will bring up the item I currently have equipped so I can compare stats, but I was wondering if there was something that did this with gear in my bag/bank that I have for my offspecs.

    E.G. If I'm leveling as Ret and a Prot item drops(Pally btw) or is a quest reward, I don't want to have to go searching through my bag to find the current say Shield I have and keep going back and forth to try and decide which is a better upgrade. Or if there is a way I can get equip-compare to do this?

    Thanks, hopefully you guys understand what I'm asking for.
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    1- Please tell me if you're levelling as Ret and a Prot item "drops" you're not planning on taking over a tank who may be with you in that instance/group.

    2- If you mouseover a slot and push ALT it will display a list of any item you can currently put in that slot that is in your bags. This might also work if you happen to be at a bank/using Jeeves since technically you are able to equip that item and don't need to go searching for it.

    3- Equipment manager also works so you can just put both gear sets as buttons on your action bars and switch in 1 click, then back in 1 click.

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    I know with Outfitter if you have different sets, it will compare them to whatever you have in that slot for all the sets. I also recommend Outfitter if you're looking for a gear-set addon in general.

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    Ratingbuster is a favorite of mine. Compares stats in very customizable detail from a piece of gear to what you are wearing.
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