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    [Anime] Anyone agree Code Geass was an AMAZING anime?

    Heard it was on adult swim never paid attention to it until i saw it online. That summer i proceeded to watch the entire series.

    Its like death note and Gundam thrown into a blender. Then came out perfectly the ending got me one of the best for an anime.

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    If you were going to make a list of endings in Anime worth knowing/seeing, that would definitely be in the top 10.
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    Considering you just linked a graph with no data plotted on it as factual evidence, I think Stanton can infer whatever the hell he wants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanton Biston View Post
    If you were going to make a list of endings in Anime worth knowing/seeing, that would definitely be in the top 10.
    I agree SO much with this.

    Endings of Anime are almost always terrible (GantZ, Berserk, and Air Gear, anyone?).

    Code Geass's ending... I literally cried. It was just amazing.
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    Agreed, despite me wanting an r3 soo bad.

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    I agree, and just started considering watching it again. No other anime has that power to give you goosebumps several times in one single episode^^
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    yes, i loved it, it pure awesome.

    and there is another season coming out this year probably, but i think it is about different characters not lelouch
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    It got me into animes.

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