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    Putting misdirect to pet and arcane shot in a macro

    Does anybody know a macro so that with Misdirection glyph whenever I cast arcane shot or pull I can, target pet, cast misdirection, target back to mob and cast arcane shot? Is this possible, if so what is the macro.

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    well md is on the gb but here is my md macro:

    /cast [target=focus] misdirection
    puts md to your focus

    /cast [target=petname] misdirection
    put your pets name in it and you'll cast it on your pet

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    /cast [target=petname] misdirection
    put your pets name in it and you'll cast it on your pet

    The following is the one I use. You don't need to put in the pet's name, just use the "pet" identifier so it works no matter what pet you have out. If you have no pet out, or your pet is dead, it'll instead cast on your target or give you a targeting cursor to click on a target for the spell:

    /cast [@pet,exists,alive] [] Misdirection

    With the glyph, you can just bind that to a key (mine's on Ctrl+T) and hit it every 3rd or 4th action. It's more adaptable than, say, making a castsequence with Arcane Shot as you're requesting.

    Give this one a try for your purpose, though, but I don't really recommend it (it's too constricting):

    /castsequence [@pet] Misdirection, Arcane Shot

    Target the enemy and hit the button twice.
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