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    connecting... those 20 min i stayed in cold to w8 for the game was useless

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    what login server? it was pronounced dead at 23:59 yesterday!

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    anyone else stuckd in the loading screen? Kinda frustrating last 10 min the bar is fully loaded but still not in the game

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    Connecting -> disconnected from the server gg blizzard, you're retarded for reals.

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    Lol i was stuck at sucess! Screen pressed cancel thought f*** this then my realm list popped up "Logging in to game server".......waiting.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by balaurul View Post
    Stucked at success
    spent 11K on meat for realm first cooking

    stupid game.
    I think the keyword here is "stupid"

    Come one guys, this game is 6 years old. After 2 expansions and counltess patches you should know how it plays. Did you siriously buy into that stuff about logging in at 00:01?

    Picture 5 million people trying to get into one phone booth.

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    Thank you EU for taking the hit on the servers down and having Blizz fix everything before it gets to us in the US, and everyone there was excited to get it first. :/ Well I wish you all luck with it, and for those of you who do get in, have fun with the new zones They are worth the wait.

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    This is like those "Are Blizzard ruining WoW??!?!?! QQ" threads.

    If you are really really upset by this, write them a letter. Or just quit, so the rest of us have more chance of logging in

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    So much for my plans to get abit of a head start....

    Spent 50 mins so far trying to log success still

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    stuck ffs omfg !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maiku View Post
    Deathwing already destroyed the world, what more do you want? Him dancing? xD
    Sure why not :>

    No, the last patch changed the world, would be nice to have something happen at least today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalmerz View Post
    restarted wow then got "applying non-critical updates this will take a while" Óó

    You dont actually have to wait for that to finish to be able to play.

    And I just got char list! yay... was stuck on cancel, then success! and now char list..

    Good luck guys.. its possible!
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    ARGH! my lil bro is online but not me

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    why wouldn't we believe we could play from 00:01? if it wasn't for the stupid f**kers exploiting their way into new zones to get drops all the time last 2 weeks we probably wouldn't have needed the relog in the first place :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by balaurul View Post
    Stucked at success
    spent 11K on meat for realm first cooking

    stupid game.

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    I am mad because I've spent the last 4-5 days preparing and making sure I get the realm first, but....................................................................................... ........
    This fails, people are almost level 81 atm and in BD, and Im stuck on login.. so fucking fail.

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    01am...bliz dont wanna know..

    Why has he breaking news box on the launcher not been updated apologising for the error, and telling us that bliz are infact doing everything they can to resolve the issue??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleksi View Post
    im in!

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