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    83 and climbing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maffo View Post
    83 and climbing!
    Screen shot or it didnt happen :P

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    I love all the QQ, it fuels me. waah, waah, i somehow thought i would be the only person logging in and this is blizzards fault that all of us tried to get online at the same time!

    Would you blame the city if 5 million drivers all tried to get on a new freeway at the same time?

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    Woot, in-game in America. Only 21 minutes.

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    How very peculiar, the ; is exactly the key I bound it too before seeing this post. Odd coincidence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luqe View Post
    Connecting, Disconnecting and so on, baaaaaaaah. i wish they made the launch later on like 3AM or so .. 0000 is like so early, the childrens and people who got work/school just extend their reins when the launch it this early :O they are like.. I'll gotta try it before i'll go to bed, 5 hours sleep is cool enough..

    Anyway, i'll just shrug coca cola and chill with some TV!
    Yeah, we people with jobs should be ashamed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehceilingkitteh View Post
    Screen shot or it didnt happen :P
    Lol serious?
    Tons are already 85 on EU xD

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    Anyone know the real reason I not only have the non-critical data message every time I click on the launcher, and why there are over a gig of cinematics on my computer that I cannot play because Blizzard locked them? I did a new install from the online route, got all the patches etc from Blizzard, registered Cataclysm by putting in my CD key from my new shiny Cataclysm game box, and I am still getting this crap.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    I lol'd
    i got in 1 hour and 15 minutes late and still managed to get realm first herbalism on ravencrest eu (right now im stuck in 2k queue, so yea its overpopulated)

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    Still got 22hrs left of a 72hr ban. I know how it feels.

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    lol my server is full... position in queue: 350

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    that was fun.. I'm level 85 now.. time to farm some gear that will bring me in them heroic dungeons. Oh the joy of exploring stuff for the first time

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    Quote Originally Posted by erp View Post
    that was fun.. I'm level 85 now..
    Haha.. still 80.. and position 1600 in the queue... LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caustic View Post
    Somehow given all that whine you're consuming I can't see how you aren't fat. How's that server first coming along?
    Fail...Wine doesnt have carbohydrates, you cant get a fat belly from it. Same goes with Whine..but who the fuck would drink that.

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