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    Red Proto Drake

    Do I have to be level 80 to get this? Or can I get it @ 85?

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    I believe it was removed in Cataclysm, that's what I know atleast but if it's still there it's for the lvl 80 WOTLK heroics.
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    NO it was not removed it is still available, you need to do wrath heroics, and you can do those at level 80+, so yes you can at 85

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    The only mounts that were retired when Catacylsm hit were these:

    - Crusader's White Warhorse
    - Crusader's Black Warhorse
    - Swift Alliance Steed
    - Swift Horde Wolf
    - Swift Zulian Tiger
    - Swift Razzashi Raptor

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    The drake is still there it is still listed as a reward but you can not que once you hit 83 for it anymore and it's confirmed you also can not have some one who can que for it que while you are in the pt either. So it's there but either you can't get it or probably are going to have to make a pt from your server and fly there yourself. ( I need one more achieve so I hope server only groups still can)

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