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    Server First Herbalism

    Didn't take too long. Beat another Druid out by 17 points. Tips since you have to be level 82 to go to Deepholm; farm cinderbloom in Hyjal until 500, then go to Uldum and follow the banks with the river in the center to max. I'm tauren and it was orange/yellow all the way. Good luck and happy picking.
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    Gratz m8 :P
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    1000 achievements point hahahahaha
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    Good job dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    1000 achievements point hahahahaha

    and its prob a new charc he started with cata... so what dude

    gratz mate
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    I switched servers, I hit 80 sunday, worked herbing on Monday, so yeah. I have crap achievement points on this toon =}
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    Grats to ya mate

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    gratz i was going to do this but i prob already got beat lol

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    Congratulations! We got our first Illustrious Herbalism around 03:00 today - I never wanted to get any "Realms first!" myself, yet - Congratulations!

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    Grats on achievement, Tauren Druids have an advantage on this one since they can herb faster and they don't need to dismount/get out of flight form, good job on it

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    congrats... didnt take too long it seems

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    Unless it's World 1st do not make these topics. It's ok to be excited and I may make a topic just for that, but we will end up having too many if everyone puts their server 1sts.

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