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    I got Realm first 615 Herbalism (I'm a tauren) in ~30 minutes, and Realm first 600 Alchemy in around 60 minutes, though 20 minutes of that was me running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find 3 golden lotus before I realized I could get some Fool's cap to get to 600. /facepalm

    These were both on Drenden-US.

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    Realm first Zenmaster (Archeology 600) on Aegwynn EU. The hard part about that was that Aegwynn is a full server, resulting in quite a hard start in Pandaria with the gyrocopters, which took me about 3 hours just to finish that questline.
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    I got moon guard's realm first cooking. 32 minutes and more grats messages than the minutes it took me to get it.
    Several acccusations of exploiting and reporting of me. Followed soon after by a contact by a GM saying all was well with my realm first.

    It took 3 friends. We all rode together. I had my 2 seater, another friend who practiced the route on his two seater. We drove the other two out to Halfhill. We each had a "shopping list" of what to buy with the tokens that we earned from doing the cooking quests. I chose the way of the brew. I started by doing the quest for the 5 peaches, I bought 5 peaches and trained in every cooking recipe that was offered. That got me my Iron Chef achievement. Then I did the quest for the 5 rice pudding, buying 6 yak's milk and 6 rice, cooking them all up and turned in the rice pudding quest. This opened up all of the "Ways". I then bought 40 ginsing. I took 1 ginsing to the Way of the Brew guy and trained making ginsing tea. I made the rest of my ginsing teas to take me up to like 355 cooking.
    I used my tokens then to purchase 2 bags of carrots and 1 bag of jade lungfish. I distributed 10 carrots each to my 3 friends for their token needs. I turned in my 10 carrots and 5 jade lungfish to those quest givers. Still was at 355 cooking. The 3 friends then started feeding me the necessary ingrediants to complete the other quests, the tiger steak, the shrimp and the wildfowl breast. When those quests were completed, I had more tokens. But still was at 355 cooking

    I then used my tokens to purchase 50 witchberries and 50 squash to make the Jade witch brew that I trained from the way of the brew trainer. This took me to 575 cooking.

    I had enough tokens left to purchase 5 soy sauce and a bag of witchberries. My friends used their tokens to purchase for me the cabbages and the rest of the witchberries to make my banquets. That was the part that took the most coordination. The banquets gave 5 points per banquet made, 5 banquets were made, and that took me to 600 cooking and the achievement. My friends did have some tokens left and got some good XP for it. Total tokens used I believe was 30 because one of the friends needed to powerlevel his cooking so he could feed more tokens.

    I'm very proud of this because it was my first realm first attempt and it went off without a hitch and very little competition for the first. Plus it fits with my character who is a paladin turned cook (yes I ripped off Steven Segal). It was appropriate.
    It was also moon guard's first realm first. Followed about 15 minutes later by realm first skinning, then mining, then herbalism, then FA, then I think it was engineering. I was surprised to see engineering go so fast.

    We planned the achievement run on the beta doing dry runs to Halfhill on "new" characters on the beta. We also went through which "Way" would be the fastest and would require the least number of tokens to complete the achievement. We practiced the feeding of the materials down to the minute. Yes it was a little overkill in preparing for the achievement because we had planned on seeing some competition for the first. Only after I was done making my Jade Witches Brew did I see the first competition arrive and by then it would have been too late. Also the new arrival did not have any friends with him so feeding of materials would have been impossible for him unless he started parking alts and mailing himself mats.

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    Stormrage EU's first 90 monk

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    Managed realm first alchemy on my mage. Kurumu of Azshara.

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    Realm First! Zen Master Jewelcrafter

    Cysko - Thaurissan-US

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    Mining on US-Deathwing

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    RealmFirst 90 Druid. Achv in signature to prove! US 10PM EST
    Back in my day, we killed bosses 400 times a day...uphill both the snow...and we fucking liked it. In related news, I hear that uninstalling WoW completely from your hard drive and then reinstalling it resets your RNG numbers. -septor

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    Realm first 90 druid.
    Although it doesn't feel like a feat since I play on trollbane, lol.

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    Snagged Realm first 90 as well as Realm first 90 Warlock.

    I leveled in approximately 11 1/2 hours. I'm EST and since we started at 3 AM, I ended up finishing at 2: 44 PM. The next level 90 on the server wasn't till almost four hours later. The only reason why I pushed so hard for Realm first because I was almost Realm First Warlock for Cata and I didn't even plan on doing it. I just ended up in a 5 man farm and was one of the first people to 84. But because I was out all day before the launch, I ended up falling asleep.

    I dungeon grinded the first level with a blood dk, a ret pally, ele shaman, fury warriors and myself as demo. I also had 22 TB dailies to turn in which gave me around 1.5 mil xp. I also had all 3 Battle Standards macro'd into Soul Fire and Shadowbolt and I had 500+ Volcanic pots ready to chug down (200 in bags, 300 in mail).

    However, the key was a few important things:

    1) An addon called Blitz which automatically picks up and turns in quests. It also automatically choses quests rewards. A huge factor without a doubt.

    2) I made notes and paths for each questing zones. I knew which quests to skip, which inn to hearth, when to hearth, quests that dropped from mobs, etc. I entered Valley of the Four Winds with about 7 people. But because I knew where to go for each hub, along with Blitz taking care of turn ins and pick ups, I breezed past the others. By the time someone else had hit 87 on my server, I was almost to 88. When I was at 89, no one was at 89 until I was only 20% from hitting 90.

    Example of a map I made:

    The only reason why I pushed so hard for Realm first because I was almost Realm First Warlock for Cata and I didn't even plan on doing it. I just ended up in a 5 man farm and was one of the first people to 84. But because I was out all day before the launch, I ended up falling asleep.

    3) A good 4 hour nap before MoP was launched

    4) No junk or heavy food. I had 3 greek yogurts, some peanuts and a small cup of water.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yau View Post
    Realm First: Zen Master Fishing
    US Lightning's Blade
    I was in Dal, went into sewers and cast twice before realizing I didn't train (doh). Went back up, trained, went back down. Fished to 600.
    Why would you fish in Dalaran instead of Orgrimmar? You get 2 free skill points from .... I'm kind of shocked so many people forgot about this quest. The alliance fishing against me also didn't pick it up.

    So when I hit 598, I clicked complete and bam I'm done, saved me 3-4 minutes of fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyrion View Post
    Oh damn i got a huge list ... Realm first Alchemy, Herbalism, Archeology, Cooking, Tailoring and Enginering

    The hardest one if you ask me is Archeology and Cooking :P
    How the hell did you get all those? Anyway i got fishing on Dath'Remar

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    Server First 86! The real contest here. Solely from questing. Easily could of gotten 90 but I had to go to bed.

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    I've never been one for racing for anything, mainly because I know even if I tried there would be someone who's practiced it on beta over and over and would beat me.
    A guildie of mine was only ~10 minutes off realm first Hunter though D:

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    Realm first Zen Master Enchanter on Hellfire EU :3
    3DS FC: 0232-9756-4977
    Please PM if you add me.

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    Realm First: Level 90 Druid

    Very pleased though despite the fact I was behind almost the entire way to first place, I ended up only being about 1.5bars behind the guy who got overall first, kudos to him and I cannot wait to try and get back at a different one another time

    Another unofficial realm first I got was glory of the cataclysm raider, managed to get the achievement in 4.3 prior to any guild downing Heroic AC so technically I got it hehe
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    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)

    We're confident the .01% left will be thrilled to attend a post-apocalyptic BlizzCon.

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    oh how i hate AV really.. anyhow I made a premade group on my server (Bladefist-EU) and aimed to get realm firsts for all of us. However towards the end (89, 70%) i ran out of quests and since we had some delay factors and serveral problems at that point we had split up and the other 3 ended up getting 90 before i do. They all received their realm first: rogue, warrior and hunter. In my case a mage beat me to it by serveral % ( I wasted a lot of time looking for quests.. and my stupidity disallowed me to quest in eternal blossoms (because i thought u needed flying to get to a NPC i had to go to even though i actually did that quest in beta already but i thought they changed it). Anyhow came up a few minutes late for the realm first and the druid that leveled 30min after me also received his realm first.

    Just wanted to share my pain. Congratulations to the rest
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    I know the website GuildOx are tracking Server Firsts for leveling, not sure about professions. Also the website manaflask also has world first level 90s for each class on there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quesium View Post
    I feel so late now rofl, I didn't even play yet

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-25 at 04:23 PM ----------

    If they didnt cheat that is ^^
    ^^ They are legit
    Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

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    Hello all i am here to brag as all the others

    Well i got Realm First Mining , Blacksmithing , Leatherworking and Inscription name Saphl
    My brother got Realm First Herbalism , Alchemy , Archaelogy and Skinning name Saphi

    Also our guild ULDUM Lightning's Blade EU got Realm First Working Better as a Team

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