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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulscorch View Post
    Realm first! Zen Alchemist on Stormscale EU (one of highest populated realms in the world).
    Only missing 11 achievements!!?

    What's your /played look like?

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    Voidaltarah - Aggramar Eu 17:30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfakennyone View Post
    Only missing 11 achievements!!?

    What's your /played look like?
    He buys as many achievements as he can.
    I reported him last season for buying rank 1 but he didnt get banned. Dont believe me? Look at his 3v3 achivement dates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Very Tired View Post
    Server First 86! The real contest here. Solely from questing. Easily could of gotten 90 but I had to go to bed.
    I loled so much with this. omg

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    World first Glory of the Uldir Raider

    Yarini <Legacy Reborn>, Area 52 - Blood DK
    Eyeball <Obsidium>, Thrall - Holy Priest
    Peezo <Teldracaust Didnt Happen>, Tichondrius - Fury Warrior
    Noobmage <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - Frost Mage
    Pyronh <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - BM Hunter
    Sevenjane <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - Havoc DH
    Connorwarren <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - BM Hunter
    Suthix <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - Sub Rogue
    Smootch <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - Shadow Priest
    Sadboix <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - Resto Druid
    Javvozz <Jaded>, Mal'ganis - Blood DK
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    im new at wow,i have a question, i dont wanna make a topic about it. i just wanna know

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    Realm First Northrend Vanguard

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    WC3 Megathreader Lilithvia's Avatar
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    No matter the topic, someone will find a way to redirect it to complain about their current aggro.
    Realm First Finduin lvl 25
    MoonGuard, at 2:10 PM MST today.

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    Oh, cool, you're a great guy

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