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    Realm First! Level 85 on Magtheridon.
    11 hours of playing!
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    Realm First Fishing

    2h 7m (500-525 giving a point a cast was a pleasant surprise). Thanks to the Cataclysm fish dropping early, we saw Realm First Cooking about 8 minutes after release. Herbalism and Mining were both done within the first hour. First 85 at the 14 hour mark.

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    Realm First! Level 85 Shaman on The Maelstrom EU, fucking PvP realms.

    Took from 00:30 ST till 12:50 or so. Quests were fun!

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    Realm first enchanting, Xandamere on Korgath. That was expensive. ><

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    I just got Realm First!Illustrious Archaeologist on my dk Pussikat Frostmourne 18 hours of focus!

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    Realm First! Level 85 Shaman - Nâtsu (Frostwolf - PvP US)

    12:20am - 12:48pm server time (3:20am- 3:48pm my time XD)

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    All realm first achievements should be changed to: "Managed to log in just before loging servers got nuked."

    That's how it worked for my realm at least, and therefore probably for the whole of Europe. If you logged in the second the new content went online you made it, if you were late by a few seconds the loging servers got overrun and you couldn't log in for an hour. There were a handful of players on my realm who got an hour's head start to questing and could not be caught by anyone. The easy realm firsts like cooking were taken before most people even managed to log in, and many competitive players just couldn't compete.
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    Xye - Bloodfeather EU (Horde)

    13:22 servertime:

    Earned the feat of strength Realm First! Level 85 Shaman.
    Realm First! Level 85 Shaman

    First shaman on the realm to achieve level 85.

    Copy paste from armory ^^
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    Idea 4 the next expansion: Its time to form a group to gank Athene and let your friend (4 example) to be World 1st
    What a nice video will it be)))
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    07-12-2010 15:14 | Litemode - Realm First! Level 85 Warlock - Burning Blade EU

    Couldn't login untill 01:00 so I'm quite pleased that I still managed to get to level 85 as the second Horde and first Warlock

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    Cardôdexter (Now Worgasm :P) - Tyrande EU.

    Realm First! Level 85 & Realm First! Death knight.

    About 15:00. Not a beta tester, and running with other people that were.

    English is my second language. Ñ.

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    Realm first! Level 85 Hunter.

    Whoot whoot Arileas of Eldre'Thalas

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    I got "Realm First! Huntard in lvl 85" Liek around 4-5pm CET 7.dec - 2010.

    My guildmate Athene got World as u all know it, and my other guildmate Fibsii got Realm First Lvl 85 and Realm First Paladin Lvl 85 at 1pm CET.

    oHH wait. We are on EU-Neptulon!
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    Does Realm first 525 skinning count?

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    Since the other topic was closed, I'll post this here:

    You can check all server firsts on any server by just choosing which server you want on the armory at this link. Just in case you want to check if anyone has gotten an achievement yet, or who did.
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    Realm first level 85 DK lol jk I don't even have Cata yet!
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    ah but how many of you have also got the lvl 80 one?
    i got 525 inscription on US kil'jaeden and also had the 450

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    I got both Grand Master and Illustrious Archaeologist achievements. Aejora on Garrosh-US Got me to level 83 and some wonderful goodies along the way. My friend Horcs on Echo Isles-US also got those achievements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Did you change your name because creepymidget got realm first o.O
    Me and him got it within .12 seconds of each other to be exact, so we both got the achievement, hah.

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    Realm first glory of the cataclysm hero for the guild Matlockalypse on Boulderfist EU.

    Beejayz - 85 troll holy priest.

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