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    Cires, Gilneas - Realm First 90 Rogue.
    Cires, Gilneas - Realm First 85 Rogue

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    I managed to get Realm First Zen Master Medic on Kor'gall EU myself It's only First Aid but still damn proud, was the first Realm First on the realm too
    I could've gotten Archaeology too but went for Tailoring like an idiot Tailoring and Enchanting went to my GL.
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    World First 101 kills on Ragnaros.


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    World 1st 121 yogg0 kills w/o a mount drop. Getting insane (literally)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makarena View Post
    World 1st 121 yogg0 kills w/o a mount drop. Getting insane (literally)
    But you doing it for the mount

    Im doing it for lulz, every boss, every difficulty, every raid size, 101 kills, each.

    World Rank 5 boss killer atm lol

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    A bit late now but Realm First! Level 90 @ 12:27, Neptulon - EU

    Oh, yeah, without claiming anything let's just say I haven't seen any other Warrior beating all rank 8 Bosses in Brawler's Guild. (1/12/13)

    And while at it I were also world first to break the 16,000 and 17,000 achievement points barrier.

    Last but not least, Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold
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    Realm First! Level 85 Shaman

    Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold

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    Realm first 600 Archeology.. No wait. A DK got it 15 mins before me, who doesn't play anymore.

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    Realm first 90 shaman
    That's the thing about RNG. It doesn't hate anybody - it just goes about its business, oblivious to the world around it.

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    My guild managed to get both Realm First:Working as a Team (Cataclysm) and Realm First: Working as a better Team (Pandaria).

    When getting the Pandaria-Edition we also managed to get 14 out of 15 individual profession Realm Firsts:

    - Tailoring
    - Mining
    - Skinning
    - Herbalism
    - Cooking
    - Leatherworking
    - Archelogy
    - Alchemy
    - Engineering
    - Jewelcrafting
    - First Aid
    - Enchanting
    - Inscription
    - Blacksmithing
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    Congratz to everyone..! sadly i didnt become the first one at my realm...!

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    Realm First! Level 90 Priest. Ellinas, Thorium Brotherhood.

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    I just wanted to say congratz to all 1st!

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    congratz on all the achievments

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    Realm first 85 Druid. - US dalaran.

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    Wish I had the time to commit to Realm-first things, but I dont.

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    My DK Bifron-US Stormreaver got server first level 80 Death Knight in Wotlk. I just do not remember if I was on the server Winterhoof or The Scryers @[email protected]

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    Circle of Justice - Defias Brotherhood EU Realm First! Working as a Team
    Circle of Justice - Defias Brotherhood EU Realm First! Working as a Better Team

    Rawr, and we're going for the next one too!

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    Realm first! Zen Alchemist on Stormscale EU (one of highest populated realms in the world).

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