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    Quote Originally Posted by bigcritz View Post
    wdf is up with your keybinds.
    i think he plays with the Arrows instead of wasd

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    Lol...the OP can't really be this desperate for attention right?...right?...*hopeful glance*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    No idea if it is a world first or not, but if pre-cataclysm kills carry over than it is not that hard.
    I am on over 20k critter kills personally, and I know people with more.
    It's not retroactive. Although I noticed that while grouped with my girlfriend of the same guild, we were getting two critter kills per critter. So maybe if you had a group of 5 guild members or more, it would be 5xcritters killed. Which would work well in maybe Borean, with the million penguins.

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    Closed this thread because it got out of hand extremely quickly.

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