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    China will probably help stage a coup with a China backed revolution group since China doesn't want to see South Korea try and unify the country.

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    Back in the cold war there was this stuff called M.A.D. which stands for Mutual Assured Destruction. The point was that if either the USA or Russia would have pushed the big red button then the other would still had time to push their own big red button before the nukes get to them. So they weren't so keen on pushing the red buttons.

    The M.A.D. is somewhat still in place (that's why Russia went nuts when the USA wanted to place an antimissile system in Eastern Europe a couple of years ago) but the problem is that Kim Jong Il is kinda mad too. In my opinion he would push the big red button should NK get attacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanchamarch View Post
    China won't let North Korea get intro serious conflict. China make a lot more money from South Korea than North Korea and a war would end up ruining their trade relationship with South Korea.
    I don't think China really cares about its relationship with South Korea based on trade. They do not require the Korean market to maintain their monstrous grip on world trade. I do however forsee China breaking its ties with NORTH Korea so it can reclaim Taiwan in a swap. I think China is waiting to use its military presence in the area as a bargaining chip to expand (even into contested islands/water with Japan)

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    you wanna know, don't ya :p
    no one really knows what'll happen...only time or wikileaks will tell...
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    *punches ThunderBlunder in the face*

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    I am watching with great interest. I think the situation in North Korea is very uniqe and horrible at the same time. There is so many dark things happening in there. And from a humanity view, i think it would be good to see the state dissolved and clear up in there. It would be a suprising, long and very confusing job tho.

    I also think that if this comes to war, it will result in North Korea dissolving, and this process beginning. I do not however mean that it will end that way easily or without significant loss on both sides.

    All in all, there is very little we can do but to sit and wait, and see how this plays out.

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    From what I have gathered its mostly just a show of power. At least, I thought so until I talked with my (South) Korean friend about it. Apparently the South Koreans are completely fed up with it at this point, and have promised retaliation for further hostilities.

    Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of North Korea is the fact that the citizens trully have nothing to lose. Fortunately, any nukes Kim Jong-il may have cannot reach the United States or Europe. They can, however, reach Japan (I think)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    I predict that if conflict doesn't break out, the DPRK regime will crumble shortly after the death of Kim Jong-il. The pressure from China is ratcheting up. They of all people do not want to see conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

    The unfortunate thing is, if they continue with their sabre rattling South Korea may engage drawing the US into another conflict that is unlikely to resolve itself.
    As with most wars the U.S. likes to be apart of Post Vietnam...

    The primary concern I would have is the level of intimidation the U.S. would try on both China and N.K. to get them to 'see it there way'... It's something that is a possible due to how the US handles foreign policy to begin with. While both China and the US are trying to calm those violent Star Craft Players down, I still don't think it will end well in the long run if Kim Jun Ill dies, and his son's only move is to show military might to convince his population that he's just as good as daddy... South Korea as well has become more aggressive in their policies, and may actually try this 'turf war' with, or even without, the help of the United States. But of course that alone would pull the two super powers into the conflict since China and the US have so much 'invested' in the region...

    All in All: if the US was smart enough to let things blow up on their own, this wouldn't be a problem... But since the USA has a bad track record of being a self-righteous meddler in things, this may be another area that they bite off more than they can chew... and China can easily screw over the US if they suddenly decide to call our debt that they have on the Dollar...

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    i suspect a North vs South Starcraft 2 Tournament will conclude the rivalry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanton Biston View Post
    I think that investing in Haliburton and Xa is good business.
    hrhr, nicely put

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjursta;
    but the problem is that Kim Jong Il is kinda mad too. In my opinion he would push the big red button should NK get attacked.
    Fortunately he has only got a small red Button, which makes him Not really being Part of he m.a.d Club. this though makes him even mader.
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    Wait what did i miss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    I just believe that the other powers involved wont risk war.

    China doesn't want war to protect their economy.
    South Korea doesn't want it either because it will destroy theirs.
    United States doesn't want it because they're already involved in multiple conflicts
    Japan wouldn't want a conflict of any kind with their economy's state.

    Who am I missing? I think that eventually the regime will collapse. Nothing will be gained by war when the inevitable is bound to happen.
    The only nation I'm worried about at this point is North Korea, because Kim sees the writing on the wall. He has been in poor health for months. Now while this is good in a sense because his son (much like Raul Castro) is far less hard line than his father, Kim may launch a final attack for his legacy. At this point, he will need to do a lot to save his legacy with the people of North Korea, and as ridiculous as it sounds this would be what would do it. There is nothing that rallies a people to a cause more than war, as depressing as it sounds. I sincerely hope that it does not happen, but as long as Kim is in charge nothing should be ruled out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanton Biston View Post
    I think that investing in Haliburton and Xa is good business.
    OMG totally this. lol
    We are WARRIORS man! If we can't make it bleed, we will sure as hell dent the f%^ck out of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Lets say you have a two 3 inch lines. One is all red and the other is 48% red and 52% blue. Does that mean there's a 50-50 chance they're both red or is the second line matching the all red line by 48%?
    ^^^ Wells using an analogy

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    *real big picture*
    i lol'd real hard at the short people part

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    i lol'd real hard at the short people part
    i lol'd at the giant rabbits and fact 1 : he doesnt urinate like other people :P

    this guy is awsome
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    I wish I had something positive to add to the conversation, but most viewpoint are already well represented. I'm more of a wait and see kind of guy. I hope that the bravado from Kim Jong Il dies with him, and his son tones down the crazy a bit. Who knows?

    On a side note, the fact that this thread is still on topic and constructive is nothing short of astonishing! Kudos to everyone involved!!!

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    It's just a big who has the bigger balls contest. South Korea should just let north Korea starve imo. Why give aid to a country that kills your civilians?

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    China and North Korea both know that if they allow this to escalate, the US will get directly involved beyond telling China to take control of its dog. They know they can't afford to let that happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathandira View Post
    i suspect a North vs South Starcraft 2 Tournament will conclude the rivalry
    North koreans don't even have access to the internet, so I doubt it. Starcraft is only massively popular in South Korea, which is confusing because whenever anybody talks about starcraft they always say "koreans" and not "south koreans". Why? Because it's quickly to say probably. >.<
    Quote Originally Posted by axelnomnom View Post
    It's just a big who has the bigger balls contest. South Korea should just let north Korea starve imo. Why give aid to a country that kills your civilians?
    You do realise that North Korea isn't a (proper) democracy, right? So the citizens of NK can't be blamed for the aggresion of the NK government. So why wouldn't they try to give aid to NK civilians?

    There is the obvious problem that NK people are brainwashed by their government, but it's still not their fault that they worship their government, they only do that because that's all they know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianCC100 View Post
    Can't we all just get along in the world? The world will be a much better place if there was no war..
    As long as there are disagreements in the world there will be war - A good number centered around religion. But as voltaire said:

    "If there was no god it would be nessecary to invent one."

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