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    My mum used to tell me a story about when I was younger, I used to be scared of Mr Men. Anyway, she'd say that I used to wake up coughing all night screaming and claiming I had one sitting on my chest making it hard for me to breathe. Everyone in the family always thought of it as a joke.

    Then one day she was cleaning my room and thought she'd take a nap while I was at school. She woke up, thought she saw a Mr Men sitting on my wardrobe and completly freaked out. She donated the wardrobe away that day, and although she tells me, I can remember nothing of it.

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    I had this annoying ingrown hair inside my nostril

    then one day i got a pimple on my nose.
    it grew and grew.
    I popped the pimple and there stood the ingrown hair pointing straight up. It had gone through the full layer of flesh between nostril and outer nose.
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    I had this annoying ingrown hair inside my nostril

    then one day i got a pimple on my nose.
    it grew and grew.
    I popped the pimple and there stood the ingrown hair pointing straight up. It had gone through the full layer of flesh between nostril and outer nose.
    I actually vomited a little.
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    GOD's ARMAGEDDON and DOOM'S DAY!!!!!!.... Imagine that...
    4 apocalyptic horsemen
    Sky turned red
    Sun turned black
    All WoW servers down

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    The only two things that real stand out as strange
    one was whe nmy wife was going to ride her 650 raod bike to work one day and our old cat start to get kinda freaky as soon as my wife put on her leathers and grabed her helemet the cat started to stare off at nothing and hiss and carry one like mad it was spookly like some thing was there we couldnt see any way i said bye to my wife and ride safe then i randomly said betta watch out as the cat knows some thing we dont. after my wife road off the cat just kept getting more freaky meowing and stuff at the door and wanting to go outside then standing where my wife parked her bike then all of a sudden she just stopped and came inside and laid by the fire like nothing had happend. About an hour later my wife called my to say she was selling the bike i asked why and she said in her words "That %%%%ing cat knew i was going to die today" i was like um uhuh what do you mean and what happend was as she was riding to work she had this sense of dread about every thing some thing didnt feel right then as she went to over take a slow truck she thought of the cat and though better of overtaking the truck and slipped inbehind it as she did so a log fell off the truck if she had over taken it the log would of taken her out with no chance. So to this day she still claims the cat saved her life.

    the other strange thing that happend to me was this
    One day i woke up and had this strong feeling that i realy had to tell my folks how i felt about them and what they ment to me and how i never thanked them enough for all they did for me as i was growing and i thought if some thing happend to me they would never know
    all day i couldnt shake the feeling of i must do this and do it now
    so i bought a thank you card and poured my heart out in it thanking them for every thing and telling them what they ment to me
    i mailed it off and thought nothing more of it
    any way my mother read the card and told me how much she cried reading it and how beautiful it was and she would send on to my dad so he could read it as well as he was based over seas
    about a month later my mother passed away in her sleep from a massive heart attack there was no warning no nothing she just went to bed and never woke up. To this day im still wracked with guilt because i was ment to give her a call the night she died i talked to her 2 nights before as i was planning a trip home while i had some time off from work but i was 4 days tolate getting home but at least she read my card

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    This one is not really scary, but kinda interesting nonetheless... So my great-grandfather's favorite flower was/is the Pikake flower (google hawaiian flowers it actually smells pretty epic). Anywhoo, ever since he died, actually before i was born whenever under times of stress or just need a pick me up, all of a sudden you would smell the fragrance of that flower, or so my family would say, and that was my great-grandfather being there watching over you... I never believed it till it happened to me, a couple times including that time when we were under fire over there in the desert... rest in peace Papa

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    Dude i know how you feel... the first time i went trough sleep paralysis it actually made me think there might be ghosts for a second lol its a horrible feeling there was a month where i had sleep paralysis every day more than once some times i heard voices around me whispering gibberish, something heavy pressing against my chest, i couldn't breathe well.
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    I had sleep paralysis, couldn't move - All I could see was eyes starring back at me from under my duvet. A large white figure over me and static noise playing . I calmed myself down because I knew I was in sleep paralysis. Jumped out of my bed, turned the lamp light on.. and played world of warcraft... It calmed me.

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