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    What happened to "The Keymaster" achievement?

    I'm curious, it's no longer in the general tab, nor is it a feat of strength!

    Where'd it go? D;

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    Yah I was also dissapointed to see mine go away

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    It should have at least been made a feat, like most all of the other stuff that's been removed.

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    Most of those keys no longer exist.

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    A lot of the keys were taken out so they took the achievement out completely. Probably should have been made a feat (scholo key in classic? Need I say more) but, oh well.

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    Ya alot of the doors that needed a key arent locked anymore, go figure deathwing can destroy the world and break every lock in existance

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    Maybe they realized that if we're capable of summoning magic capable of wrecking dragons thirty times our size, we can probably break a lock.

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    Couldn't they just have let us keep the items? My key bag went down by at least 75%, and I was so proud of how filled it was.
    GC: Good news, everyone! We lowered the cooldown of Shield Wall to 5 sec and balanced assuming you hit it every 5 sec.

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    Sad panda but they removed it when 4.0.3 hit live, why are you noticing it now and still sad cuz of this
    Really should have been made a FoS.

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    well the same thing happened with master of arms and knucklesandwich achieve. they eventually ended up as FoS. they weren't there right away after the patch dropped. here's hoping it will be the same with keymaster

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    I seem to remember getting Master of Arms and Knucklesandwich immediately on 4.0.1; even still I'd be surprised if Keymaster didn't eventually come back as a FOS.

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