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    Guild Achievement Jargon Suggestion

    Hey All,

    Since there are now new guild achievements, I'm sure you've all figured out the great question that faces our generation. That question, of course, is 'how do we respond when a guild achievement is earned?' I'm sure some people will be fine just going with 'grats', as that is the general achievement norm, but that is a bit awkward to use when the achievement is earned partially by you. Given this then, I propose:

    When you ARE NOT part of the group that earns the guild achievement: "Highfive!"
    When you ARE part of the group that earns the guild achievement: "Self-five!"

    I believe this terminology will convey the proper emotions and reinforce the team spirit inherent within any good guild.

    -- Sincerely, Professer Dratnos of Legitimate Serious Game Concerns

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    "Great job guys"
    The goddess in my avatar is Hayley Williams.

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    I think "/brofist" will suit any occasion.

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