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    Inner fire VS Inner will

    So i just got inner will and my suspicions about it not stacking with inner fire were correct.

    When should we be using each of them?
    10% speed is hardly good for pvp and doesnt realy replace 60% armor. I guess it could be used in fights you move a lot and the mana decrease aint that bad but is it a good trade off for all this SP ?
    What does the priest community think?
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    I am running Inner will in dungeons as Disc for the simple fact that 500 less mana per shield/pom makes up for the loss of 488 SP. I do not know how this will play out at 85 in a raid environment but now it is ace.

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    In PvP:
    - During periods of spam purging, normally when your opponent is locked down.
    - When your opponents are in a CC chain and you want to get somewhere (i.e. a pillar)

    In addition, you can use it during some occassions just in a normal pvp fight, for example:
    You're fighting a class with stuns (warrior / rogue) but you know they're on cooldown for another 20 seconds. If they're not making that big a dent in your HP and you're casting a lot of PWS / PoM etc, then you can run inner will for 15 or so seconds until the next stunlock comes up.

    Generally, though, I wouldn't use inner will too often, inner fire will still be the main one.

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    At 84 I'm going oom too fast not to be using Inner Will, as either shadow or holy

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    I havent had much use for it as shadow yet. I just archangel all the time and dont even need dispersion.

    Havent healed much as holy after 83 either. Holy uses too many spells with a cast time too.
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    Hi i am any class in the game. To beat me spam icelance and then talk about how skilled you are when the 20k crits roll in.

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    I don't think it's pick one and stick with it. I haven't gotten Inner Will yet, but I plan to change between the two pretty aggressively while healing, depending on the needs of the fight. I also think Inner Will will become more useful in raids, with more movement and more space to cast you're instant spells.
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    Just got my inner will now, and it's very nice for disc. Having the reduced mana cost on pw:s, pom and renew and what ever instant casts you use is always nice. And the added movement speed is very nice

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    Please use search. I remember making a topic discussing this myself.
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    Sounds like Inner Will is PvE and Inner Fire PvP in general... just my initial thoughts.

    <3 priest

    Inner Will would also be very good in PvP fights involving casters.

    ..and yeah definitely inner Will for PvE, withotu a doubt... unless you simply have no mana issues.
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    I use to few instant spells for this inner will to be remotely better then inner fire
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    i think lower mana cost is better than a little in SP... since priest spell already strong enough. losing 500 SP and regain 500 mana is way better as a healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frejborg View Post
    Inner Will would also be very good in PvP fights involving casters.
    Lower mana cost on instant casts is great, and little more movement speed is always nice, imo it's not the more effective option against casters. 3/3 Inner Sanctum reduces spell damage taken by 6% when Inner Fire is up.

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    as holy, i find myself using more non-instant cast spells (Heal, GHeal, PoH) so IF remains the one i'm using most of the time so far.

    if IW was reducing all spells mana cost by 10%, that would be another story.

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    we dont bubble spam anymore. that being said the only thing inner will is good for is catching up to a grp after drinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physicx View Post
    we dont bubble spam anymore. that being said the only thing inner will is good for is catching up to a grp after drinking.
    Using a few bubbles and a renew/mending here and there would benefit from Inner Will. The state of Discipline may not be "ALL BUBBLES ALL THE TIME" but that doesn't mean a few in quick succession don't make/break a fight.

    Holy also uses a lot of non-instant casts, but it's not hard to find gaps in a fight worth armor-twisting for, assuming you have a hotkey for it.
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    i think that's best for disc priest since lower mana cost on instant cast and most of our healing are isntant ....dont know about holy thought any1 tried yet ?

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    I think of them as stances. Switch to the one you need at any given time (PvP wise).

    For PvE I'll run with inner will until I'm done with mana issues.
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    that's a good advise to look at too Deleo...i'll give it a try.........

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    For the most part, I have been sticking with Inner Fire; I currently have spirit trinkets that replaced my intellect trinks, so I feel that i need the extra SP. Maybe it's just the wrath mentality that I've been stuck with, but when I see how little Heal heals for, it makes me nervous to sacrifice that SP.

    Also, if your cheaper heals are strengthened, you can stick with those, so you don't necessarily need that 10% mana cost decrease on the instant heals That's my way of looking at it anyway, and it works for me!

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    At the moment I'm still going through lvl84, nearly 85 now. I have found that during questing, Inner Fire is a lot more useful than Inner Will. Questing means soloing, and basically when you are soloing mobs, you'll be taking all the damage. From what I've seen so far, these lvl84 and 85 mobs can hit like a truck and will deplete your health rather quickly if you don't have an armour buff. I have also been in situations where a second mob spawned instantaneously on top of the first mob I just killed (due to the high spawn rates of quest mobs at the beginning of the expansion), giving me less time to drink. There are also situations where I have to deal with 2 or even 3 mobs at the same time. In these situations you definitely want the armour buff since you want your mana to be used on killing them rather than healing yourself during combat. Constantly healing yourself when facing 3 mobs is simply delaying your inevitable death. Adding on top of all that, I want to say that extra run speed from Inner Will is rather useless since I always mount up when looking for a quest mob to kill, and the extra mana saved by using Inner Will simply goes towards that extra Heal you needed because you took more damage due to the lack of the armour buff.

    However in a dungeon, there is nothing wrong with changing to Inner Will. Firstly the bulk of the damage is taken by a tank, so the armour buff is somewhat redundant, hence the only reason to use Inner Fire would be for the spellpower buff, but at this stage the extra spellpower granted from Inner Fire is a mere icing on the cake. Secondly mana conservation in a group is more important than soloing situation because in a group situation you don't actually control your dps downtime. Granted you can always ask the group to wait and allow you to drink but at this point in time you will want to have enough mana to last at least 1 trash pack without using more than 1 of your mana cooldowns so you'd be able to rotate your mana CDs between each pull.
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