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    Classic dungeonmaster and classic raid guild achievements

    Hi, apologies if this question has been answered in another thread but i cannot find it anywhere.

    Are you able to solo the classic raids/dungeons to obtain the guild achievements for each or do you need 4 people for dungeons and 8 for raids? Also for places like BWL or MC where it 'requires' 40 people do you need more than 8?

    It would probably make more sense to require more than just yourself as it is a guild achievement but was just wondering.

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    No, you can't solo it yourself and make it count as a guild group.
    Like you said, you need 4 people for a dungeon, 8 people for a 10 man, 20 people for a 25man, and X for a 40 man raid. I know for sure it's not 32 people for a 40 man. But I can't recall the exact number.
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    for 40 is 8 (count as 10 man)

    dungeon = 4
    raid 25 (LK+) = 20
    Raid 10 = 8
    raid 25 (before LK) = 8 (count as 10, i'm not sure, but i remember something about it)
    raid 40 = 8 (count as 10)

    same for RBGs BGs. and in Arenas is the full group (2v2 = 2, 3v3 = 3, 5v5 =5)

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