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    Baseball: SF Giants...WORLD SERIES WINNERS!
    Football American: Dallas Cowboys.....fml
    Basketball: Phoenix Suns
    English Premier League: Liverpool
    College Sports: Michigan
    Hockey: meh....San Jose Sharks i guess

    i dont like to pick teams all from one area =D

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    South Carolina Gamecocks for anything College.
    New England Patriots for NFL.

    Never could get into MLB, even though I watched all of South Carolina's run to winning the CWS this year. Never follow Basketball at all, on any level.

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    Imagine my surprise to see Benfica's flag on mmo-champion. It's also my favorite team! GO BENFICA

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    Football (the one you play with your feet, not pads!) - Glasgow Rangers, Bristol City
    NHL - NY Rangers
    MLB - NY Yankees

    and the Scotland national teams in pretty much anything!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestia View Post
    I support those blue boys at Chelsea.
    Words, taken out of my mouth

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    I have a few teams I support. I do like Football. And Basketball. I played (soccer) growing up, but kinda lost interest in it. But the teams I support here are The Portland Trailblazers.
    Collage team Ducks, and pro football Seahawks.

    If you can't tell I am from Oregon. lol. But grew up with the Seahawks as my team. And not ashamed of it either
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    I follow every Dallas team, except for FC Dallas.

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    Lyon (OL - Olympique Lyonnais)

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    Big fan of Barcelona and Messi (soccer)

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    Honestly, I don't have a clue for what you are talking about.. (American) football, Soccer, Basket.. I just don't get it.
    On the other side, my dad supports Man C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikni View Post
    I love football but i also watched a lot of NBA when i was a kid, used to love the Celtics, Larry Bird ftw, and ofc Chicago Bulls legendary Jordan team.
    How could you forget Scottie Motherfucking Pippin?! Nearly 19,000 points and 2,300 something steals?! When I played for my team I was #33 and a small foward I was basically a Euro/Spanish/Italian/Black version of Scottie hahah

    Anywho for my teams here it goes

    NBA: Celtics <3
    College: Duke (doing big things this year !)
    NFL: Jets (Pats game never happened)
    College: TCU
    Rugby: S. African Springboks
    Soccer (International Team): Brazil
    Baseball: Mets

    Probably forgot to name a sport or two though :/ hahah

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    Blackburn Rovers all the way! Only team to have our badge on the FA Cup :P

    Oh and Sale Sharks and St. Helens for Rugby Union/League.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milanor View Post
    The only sports-related thing I support is the American Grifball League of America.


    i'm dying laughing here

    edit: On topic:

    College Sports: Grew up in Columbia, SC so gamecocks there. Go to school at Georgia Tech, but's pretty lackluster sports, especially this year.
    Pro American Football: Cincinnati Bengals or Washington Redskins
    Basketball: Atlanta
    International Rugby: New Zealand
    Football (Soccer): In the world cup/Euros I like watching the Germans, counter-attacks ftw. Don't watch club...MLS is awful.
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    Manchester United.

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    Ipswich Town fan here /sigh

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    Up the Gooners!!! See them 5-6 times a season at The Emirates... saw Arsenal vs Tottenham couple of weeks ago... Errr... Yeah, think we all know that score ;(
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    College Football: Miami Hurricanes
    College everything: Washington State University Cougars.
    Football(American): Baltimore Ravens, San Fransisco 49ers
    Basketball: Celtics
    Hockey: Washington Capitals
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    All I really watch is American College Football.

    PENN STATE all the way!

    Thanks to Amalisa for this great Sig!

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    I Support the Best Team in the world ofc,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dippy View Post

    Up the Gooners!!! See them 5-6 times a season at The Emirates... saw Arsenal vs Tottenham couple of weeks ago... Errr... Yeah, think we all know that score ;(
    Leeds united fan here see you in january

    Rugby league: Castleford tigers
    Foreign football: Barca, seattle sounders
    Cricket: Yorkshire CCC
    American football: New england patriots

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