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    Achievements that I didn't do?

    I just checked my armory I noticed that some achievements that I have not done are appearing completed on some of my characters. On one, all of the exploration achievements appeared about 11 hours ago, all at the same time which shouldn't be possible. On two others the WoW's 6th Anniversary is listed but I know I didn't log in for 6th anniversary. Is anyone else seeing anything like this on their armory?



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    as far as the 6th anniversary goes, u have around 2 weeks to log on to get the achieve, and u dont see the achieve when u first log on u just get it, others in guild and around you will see it though. do u have the achieve in game?

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    I'm not sure about in game, I'm stuck at work till 5pm est and probably won't be able to log in even then. I wasn't aware that you were given 2 weeks to log in, that explains that. Looking closer, the exploration achievements are on all three. Strange but meh...

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    I noticed the exploration ones on my alts as well, alts I know I leveled almost purely through dungeon finding and therefor never took to those zones more than once...but I did have the flight paths. The only thing I can think of is that for whatever reason if you had the flight path the game mistook that for having explored the zone completely. *shrug* Just my theory.

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    I've noticed my alts got explorations for almost all of the zones that are level-appropriate to them, even though they'd never been anywhere near those zones.

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    I believe that happened once 4.0.3a rolled around, something I noticed as soon as I logged in. all zones werent greyed out and were readily viewable. As for the reason, I dont think anyone has asked blizzard about it yet.

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    I had the same issue!

    I received exploration achievements ( about 6 or 7 ) just sitting in Orgrimmar ( a few days before cata ).

    You probably had say 90% of the zone explored and then they changed the requirements of that zone by removing the spot you hadnt found (to hard to find) and thus you met the criteria for the achieve and got them all at once.

    I could be wrong but this makes sense logically, seeing as they did this all at once. ( You clearly didn't visit all the zones at the same time ).

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    I got all but 3 zones of Kalimidor but lost Outland and Northrend. It's all good as they were always easy to explore.
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