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    Guild Achievements Question

    Hey so I was wondering if anyone knew about the guild achievements, specifically the "Guild Classic Raider" (and similar ones).

    For those achieves do we need to actually have a guild group of say 21 out of 25 players in order to get these achievements. You can pretty much 1 man or 2 man these raids so I'm not sure of the point of getting 40 people together to do AQ just for this achievement (other than the perks). Would just having say...4 people from the same guild make it count?


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    In general we require 80% of the group to be comprised of guild members. There are exceptions to this case though like 40 man raids and arenas. All the gritty details below are below.

    4/5 - dungeons
    8/10 - 10 player raid, 10 player BG
    20/25 - 25 player raid, 25 player BG
    10/40 - 40 player raid
    12/15 - 15 player BG
    2/2, 3/3, 5/5 - Arenas

    That's the blue post, but they also then said:

    We just made a change to all of the old 25 player raids that allows guild achievements to be completed as if they were a 10 player raid. This means you will only need 8/10 instead of 20/25.

    Idk if I can post links or not but here's the link on the Bluetracker: topic/23173/guild-achievements-for-classic-dungeons-raids. Well I can't post links but that's the extension for it.

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    I don't know how, but i PUG'd on my Shaman before and finished Lower Spire and got the Guild Achievement. No guildies with me.

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