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    136 23.05%
  • Right-handed

    364 61.69%
  • Ambidextrous

    90 15.25%
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    Doing everything with right hand.

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    Right hand for writing.
    Left hand for picking things up, or throwing.
    Back hand for scratching.

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    I'm Ambidextrous, but I do most stuff with my Right Hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhomaioi View Post
    Left hand power! We're more creative! (Yeah!) But we're also more prone to getting mental disorders! (Booo!)
    People who are left handed being more creative/being more susceptible to mental illness is a correlation, not a cause and effect relationship. Don't mix them up.

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    Righty all the way!

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    Lefty chiming in here.

    I use the mouse with my left hand, hotkeys are mostly on the number pad area of the keyboard.

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    right handed, but I can do some things with both..

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    Righty but I mouse left-handed. It all started when I took a hard fall skiing and jammed my right wrist, and I just never went back. Acutally, somewhat amidextrous because I do other things lefty like baseball batting and hockey.

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    I'm a rightie. My left arm is good for very little, can barely play my instruments, can barely press keys on this keyboard, and I'm willing to bet I can't use any tools with it either.

    Coupled with my hands being tiny, it's pretty impractical for me.
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    I use my right hand for just about anything, although, because of the violin, I am also able to use my left hand, although not to an equal degree.

    So, right-handed!

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    Right-handed! I don't think I've ever noticed anyone using a computer mouse with their left hand either before, regardless of which hand is dominant o_O Kind of interesting.

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    Right handed, lefties are feminine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhomaioi View Post
    Left hand power! We're more creative! (Yeah!) But we're also more prone to getting mental disorders! (Booo!)
    Thats a lie! Im a righty and im mental!

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    Moved to fun stuff!

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    I throw left handed...that's about it. Everything else is right
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    Mainly left handed but ambidextrous....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sithorion View Post
    I'm writing with left, shooting with my right leg, holding the mouse with my right hand, holding a tennis racket with right. I dunno why
    Write left. Throw right. Play tennis left. Mouse with right. I'm not alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlamin View Post
    Moved to fun stuff!
    Thank you!

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    Ambidextrous here
    One day in Kindergarten i decided to use my left hand to write instead of my right (i remember i had been watching the episode of Rugrats when Chucky found out he was a lefty which is what inspired me to try it out i guess) ever since i switch once in a while for 2 reasons...

    1) Keeps both hands dextrous in case i break an arm or something
    2) I love messing with people who thought i was one or the other

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    I'm left-handed, but I broke my arm when I was 6, so now I'm right-handed for writing.

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