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  • Left-handed

    136 23.05%
  • Right-handed

    364 61.69%
  • Ambidextrous

    90 15.25%
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    I'm a righty all the way!

    On a side note i'm suprised to see that there is almost as many ambidextrous as there are lefties. I was expecting to see the numbers be right > left > ambidextrous with a rather large disparity. go figure :P
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    Right is right, obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyro1990 View Post
    I'm a righty all the way!

    On a side note i'm suprised to see that there is almost as many ambidextrous as there are lefties. I was expecting to see the numbers be right > left > ambidextrous with a rather large disparity. go figure :P
    probably because people count writing left handed and using a mouse with your right as ambidextrous, or some crap like that.

    left handed btw
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    There should be a forth option ambilevous. Where neither hand is dominant, ambidextrous is where your proficient with both hands.
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    I suck with my left hand. I can barely write with it. Honestly the only thing it knows how to do well is WASD the hell out of anyone in an online game.

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    Lefty here, but I can't use a mouse or scissors with my left at all.

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    I'm a lefty, but I shoot, fish, and play guitar right handed.

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    I'm left handed... My grandma thinks i've overcome a disability by being able to function as a (semi) normal adult.
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    Ambidextrous completely, was right handed until i was 13 when I managed to break my right wrist, and as soon as I fully recovered from that 4 months later I compound fractured my right arm and had to get pins and screws in it which ended up being 8 months of cast, in that year I trained myself to use my left hand, and now I am able to use both for anything.

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    Ambidextrous, however my right hand writes a bit messier.

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    I'm technically left handed, but when I was young my teachers made me do most things with my right hand, saying that that was "proper." Now I switch back and forth often.

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    i would love to be ambidextrous. but sadly im a normal righty :P
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    I'm not sure if I'd necessarily consider myself ambidextrous, as I can only write with my left hand... But I do, however throw a ball with my right hand, use my right hand for scissors, and would otherwise consider myself right-hand dominate.

    Would that be ambidextrous? I wasn't sure, because I thought that was only for writing with both hands.

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    I'm a lefty, but except for writing I can do everything else with my right hand too if I want, I play instruments right handed/etc, so I guess I'm almost ambidextrous but was born a lefty. When I was five my teacher tried to force me to write with my right hand, but it was no use xD

    I think lefties tend to be more ambidextrous because we have to get used to right handed tools (Can openers are still my nemesis, it takes me five minutes and a lot of swearing to open a can)
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    Im nearly balanced with both but I see myself doing more things with the right one. But for example I can write with both hands just as good.
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    righty, i might as well b an amputee, cus i cant use my left hand for shit lol

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    I can do most stuff with both my hands, unless it's writing.. i only recently bothered to try but i'm improving fast! it's fun to see some peoples reactions when someone can write with both hands

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    Left handed but i hold my mouse with right
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    I write with left hand, but using mouse, scissor, tennis racket etc. with my right hand =)

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    Lefty all the way. Learning to use a mouse was difficult for me. I used to use my left hand and switch the controls back when I first used a computer (Win 98) and got tired of changing the settings all the time so I learned to use my right hand. Its far better than my left hand

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