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  • Left-handed

    136 23.05%
  • Right-handed

    364 61.69%
  • Ambidextrous

    90 15.25%
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    I'm left-handed, but I use my mouse on the right side. It just feels normal.
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    i was left handed when i was younger, but i my Primary school made me go right handed aparently (So my mother says)
    i wish this hadent happened as lefties are ment to be more artistic which is something i'd love to be able to do more of (drawing/painting)

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    I eat and write with my left hand. However, with almost anything else it's the right hand as I was encouraged to do so when I was younger. In sports when I was younger, I would confuse people and play right handed when they were expecting me to play left handed.

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    Pure lefty here. I use my left hand for everything including using the mouse.

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    right handed :P
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    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    I am left handed, but I can use the mouse and keyboard with either hand. For a while at work I put my mouse on the right side so I could learn to use the mouse with either hand. I mostly did it because most of the multiple button mice are set up for right-handed people (or at least were at the time I started gaming).

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    Surpised to see so many ambidextrous! I'm not quite ambidextrous; I do "hard work" with my right hand and my left hand for accuracy. Aka, I throw stuff with my right but write with my left.

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    Just because you can use your recessive hand relatively well doesn't make you ambidextrous people. I'm right handed.

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    my uncle thinks he's somewhat superior to others for being left-handed.. huh..

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    Totally rightie.

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    I'm a bothy. I broke my right arm when I was little and learned to write with my left hand and from there, I learned how to do other things like play guitar and bass, use a knife and fork and scissors, and use a mouse.

    Interesting thing, I cut my food left handed and eat my right handed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatbezoguy View Post
    Left-handed, right-minded, ambidextrous two-fisted drinker.
    Thatbezoguy's avatar crit's Cadwe for 1337 damage Cadwe dies

    OT: right handed seems to be common looking at poll

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