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    I think the slimes are those blood thingys running around, not sure though. I alreaddy forgot half the zone..

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    The Trogg’s drop a quests, I remember getting one when I was looking for that crate you have to hide under to eavesdrop on that Gnome

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    i got this achievement yesterday, as horde, i believed they fixed it and set is at 110 quests because thats how many it took me to get the achievement (got loremaster of cataclysm right after which made me a happy panda)

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    I got this achievement at 112/125. I was kind of surprised to see it pop up when it did.

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    Has anyone been able to complete this achievement?

    I'm stuck at 116/125 and I can't find any more quests.
    I was tracking my Deepholm quest count, mainly because it is my second least liked zone after waterworld, (though it may become my most hated new zone simply because its dark and in a cave), and I could swear I got the achievement before the counter reached 125

    There were a couple of "drop quests" but I found most of those doing kills for the quest I was on at the time.
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    Got achiev on my druid at 116/125. Found both trogg/slime items. I play Alliance.
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