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    Quests > Cataclysm > Unearthing Uldum (Horde) - 107/108 @[email protected]

    So, the title really says it all. I am currently 107 out of 108 quests into Uldum, and I simply cannot seem to locate that elusive final quest. I have been scouring Wowpedia and Wowhead for zone lead-ins that might count, but I've already done the lead-in from Deepholm and the War Machine banner. I've finished all of Harrison's quests, completed the final confrontation with the Neferset, rocked a thousand gnomes for the Fusion Core quests chain, and have pretty exhaustively covered the zone. I've also spent a pretty good length of time flying around from point-to-point just looking for an exclamation point or a quest discovery to pop up.

    Anyone do some crazily elusive quest out there that they think might be the culprit? I'm a desperate man.

    Edit about 30 seconds after creation: Nevermind. I had a whim to kill a beetle in the Chamber of the Stars. Lo and behold, then popped my mystery quest. If anyone else out there has had this issue, kill the beetles. ><
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    Thanks for sharing this You saved me a lot of time

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    Alternatively, kill a Hyena way to the east in Uldum, or kill a diseased vulture near Halls of Origination.

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    I'm stuck on 107 as well, and i have done the beetles, hyena and vulture quests... made a ticket last night, will see if i got an answer when i get home.

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    Has everyquest been updated yet? You could check that and see if its on there : o

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    Thanks a lot dude, I was stuck at 107/108 as well. Killed some beetles and that saved my day, now I'm off to Twilight Highlands!

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    I`m stuck too at 107/108 q in uldum,did all in deepholm and MH let's see if the scarab works.
    K it worked..thank you so much
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    If you go south (west of the lost city of tol'vir, east of the Schnotz docks, where the dry river bed is) there is a place where you complete the Harrison Jones/Brann questline. If you kill one of those plague infested carrion birds (vultures) you get a quest to kill 10 of them.

    Hope this helps!

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    If you've completed the Harrison Jones questline, the Cradle of Ancients where these birds spawn is phased differently, and they aren't there.

    IF, however, you go slightly OUTSIDE the area, you'll find that there's a magical sweet spot where you're close enough to shoot the buzzards while still being far enough to not get into your newly phased area. This lets you pull them out for a killing, which will spawn the quest.

    Just had to manage this to get my own 108/108, worked fine.

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    Awesome man thanks ! was stuck at 107/108 too, killed those scarab and got it.

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    You can also kill the elite dragon after the sabotage the camp quest. You'll need to kite or get some help but he drops his head which starts a quest that gives you a couple blue gems.

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    Its funny how i got the achievement without doing beetle quest or killing the dragon :O
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    Wow you saved my LIFE!!! I was getting SO pissed not able to find them!

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    yeah I went with the scarab killing one. made my day.
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    just wondering are there more than 108 quests in uldum? i've gotten fading into twilight (do 95 in TH) and i can see more to do, was just wondering for ramkahen rep purposes

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    Or you can go kill a dragon named Myzerian in Obelisk of the Moon, a dragon elite that drops a quest that rewards 1 of each type of the new Cata blue gems and 35g. Pretty neat

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